Welcome to Tyre CADCAM

Tyres are a vital element of today's car industry, affecting performance, reliability and most importantly safety.

To develop the perfect tyre, manufacturers constantly strive to achieve the best possible combination of profile, tread pattern and material. Delcam software applies across the whole spectrum of activities from concept design right through to production.


Design Benefits -

  • Fast, intelligent wrapping of complex textures.
  • Unwrapping of 3D forms for accurate texture or tread pattern placement and area calculation
  • Absolute freedom of design, with no limits on surface complexity.
  • Total modelling' for prototype or production models.

Manufacturing Benefits -

  • Interactive splitting of initial design into tooling pieces.
  • Customizable libraries of commonly used components.
  • Fast, accurate 2D drawing.
  • Powerful machining allowing the most complex geometry to be perfectly reproduced in steel.
  • State-of-the-art 5 axis machining for complex shapes.


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