Welcome to Toy CADCAM

All children love to play, and through play to learn.

Children's toys need to be attractive, fun, and safe. Toy manufacturers continually strive to produce the best possible product in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible price. Toys have changed dramatically since the introduction of plastics, fully utilising the opportunities for low-cost manufacture, durable finishes, and eye-catching colour combinations.


If you design toys, would you like -

  • To know that your designs can be manufactured in perfect detail?
  • To be able to quickly and simply add complex textures to your designs, straight from customer's artwork?
  • To re-invent existing products by interactively modifying existing designs rather than starting again, increasing product lifespan?

If you manufacture toys, would you like -

  • To take your customer's data straight to manufacture?
  • To develop complex tooling in the shortest possible time?
  • To keep the whole toolmaking process, including 3D engraving, in-house and under control?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes', Delcam can help. Delcam's years of experience serving the plastic moulding industry come to the fore in the toy design and manufacturing industry.


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