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Which of these do you think is most important in a CAD system for conceptual design?

A - To be able to define the shapes you want to design, even the complex curvy ones, without compromise.

B - To be able to design simple shapes quickly and efficiently and worry about the tricky stuff later.

If you chose 'A' we agree with you, and that's why we have created PowerSHAPE.


If you chose 'B', read on....

PowerSHAPE is a true 'hybrid' modeller, equally at home with complex 3D surfaces as with simple primitive shapes. PowerSHAPE's easy to use surface design tools allow you complete freedom in styling your product to ensure you achieve the perfect shape. Its revolutionary surface and solids editing functions mean that you can make changes to your design without having to use complex parametrics, freeing your creativity by allowing even unplanned modifications to be made quickly and efficiently. Powerful morphing techniques allow even more creativity, bending, twisting or stretching existing designs to even more complex forms. Combine this power and ease-of-use with Delcam's patented total modelling concept and you have a complete solution. Surfaces, solids, and complex 3D texturing all under one roof.

Spend more time designing. Spend less time making compromises.

Benefits include -

  • Fast, accurate sketching
  • Unrivalled freedom in surface design and editing to create perfect shapes.
  • In-built rendering for production of high quality images.
  • Comprehensive design for manufacture tools ensuring designs can actually be made!
  • Integrated drafting and assembly tools to complete the picture.

See how PowerSHAPE-e can help unleash your creativity...


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