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Delcam's CADCAM Solutions are used by a huge variety of companies within the marine sector for the design, manufacture and inspection of the tools and patterns. These tools are used to produce the hulls and decks of composite sailing yachts and motorboats from small inshore motorboats to large 150ft luxury motor yachts.

Boat yards across Europe and America use Delcam's Power Solution to support a range of unique and innovative manufacturing processes. The processes can simply involved the design of boats and yachts, the design of patterns, the production of 3 and 5 axis toolpaths both for machining plugs and trimming out feature such as port holes and deck fixtures into the finished hulls.

Delcam’s adaptive machining solution enable these processes to be tailored to meet the variation that regularly occurs within the manufacture of large flexible structures.

Other applications within the marine sector include the design and manufacture of props and other propulsion systems, whether these are machined, molded or cast


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