Ceramic & Cutlery CAD CAM - distinctive design makes classic tableware


PowerSHAPE, Delcam's unique 3D modelling software, allows you complete freedom of expression when creating your ceramic and cutlery designs. Even the most complex of 3D forms can be created effortlessly, giving you the chance to create unique designs.

Spend more time being creative. Spend less time making compromises.

Benefits include –

  • Unique total modelling, applying complex, yet simple to create, 3D textures directly onto your designs.
  • Unrivalled freedom of design - build complex 3D shapes simply and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive shrinkage allowance, compensating for the firing process.
  • Integrated route to manufacture for tooling production.
  • Interface to Rapid Prototyping.

With PowerSHAPE you can –

  • Render your scenes in realistic environments to test the visual appeal of your designs.
  • Experiment with morphing to create even more exciting shapes.
  • Interactively create and modify complex textures previously only available with expensive engraving or appliqué methods.
  • Make work fun!

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