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  • Create any shape you can imagine, quickly, simply and accurately.

  • Share designs and ideas with other PowerSHAPE-e users.

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PowerSHAPE-e: Versatile, easy-to-use, integrated solid,
surface and triangle modelling. Free!

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Imagine....a CAD modeller that:

Imagine...a CAD modeller that... - PowerSHAPE-e
  • lets you create complex 3D designs quickly and easily.

  • combines powerful surface modelling with easy-to-use solids, Direct Modelling and assemblies.

  • includes Reverse Engineering.

  • can import data from all commonly used CAD systems.

  • is free - forever.

PowerSHAPE-e provides a unique combination of modelling tools that lets you create detailed, accurate 3D CAD models simply and efficiently. Design, re-engineering, mould design, and modelling for manufacture tools, all combined into one easy-to-use program. Whatever your starting point - concept, design sketch, part-finished design, scanned point cloud - PowerSHAPE-e will help you create a fully detailed CAD model. Best of all, PowerSHAPE-e is totally free, unless you want to export your design to another CAD/CAM system.

Why Choose PowerSHAPE-e?


PowerSHAPE-e - Sketches

PowerSHAPE-e makes sketching easy, using the patented Intelligent Cursor. The Intelligent Cursor is fast, accurate, and extremely easy-to-use, shortening construction times.

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PowerSHAPE-e - Surfaces

PowerSHAPE-e simplifies surface modelling with 'Smart Surfacer'. Simply select the sketches and PowerSHAPE-e automatically creates the best possible surface. Easy-to-use editing tools let you modify surfaces interactively to achieve the perfect shape, no matter how complex.

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PowerSHAPE-e - Solids

PowerSHAPE-e uses Parasolid™, the world's most widely used solid modelling kernel. Solid modelling is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Powerful Direct Modelling tools let you make complex edits, even on imported CAD geometry. By combining surface and solid modelling, PowerSHAPE-e lets you model any shape you want, quickly and simply.

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PowerSHAPE-e - Triangles

PowerSHAPE-e lets you use triangles in the same way that you would use surfaces or solids. Create complex models from imported STL data; or wrap ArtCAM™ reliefs directly onto free-form shapes to create decorative designs that could not be modelled using conventional techniques.

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PowerSHAPE-e - Assemblies

Assemble parts together quickly and simply. Create standard components that you can re-use whenever you need, and store them in your own library for easy access. Unique Power Features automatically create the holes and other features that are needed to physically assemble the part.

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