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"Thanks to PowerMILL, the Messier-Bugatti team saves programming time and avoids programming errors by reducing the number of manual operations. Delcam support is very quick to respond, no matter what request we have. In fact, we have a very good relationship with the whole Delcam team"

Stephane Schneider, Manufacturing Process Engineer,
Messier-Bugatti (Safran group)


PowerMILL Applications

Click on the tabs below to find out why PowerMILL is used for a variety of applications, including high speed machining, multi-axis machining and electrode manufacturing.

  • Modelling for Manufacture

    PowerMILL - Modelling for Manufacture

    PowerMILL Modelling gives you the tools to prepare and repair your customers' data.


    • Fix problems as soon as they are identified
    • Eliminates delays caused by sending data back and forth to the CAD office
    • Resolve potential manufacturing issues before you even think about cutting metal


    • Shanghai Maple Motor Dies
    • Haribo
    • Thoratec Corporation
    • TsAGI

    Typical Applications:

    • Moulds
    • Aerospace components
    • De-featuring models
    • Repairing holes and gaps
    • Creating reference surfaces for multi-axis parts

  • High Speed Machining

    PowerMILL - High Speed Machining

    Delcam has been at the leading edge of High Speed Machining technologies for many years, helping customers to machine components in the shortest possible time.


    • Offers a unique approach to efficient area clearance
    • Rapid production of high quality machined components
    • Constant cutter loads reduce tooling costs
    • Minimises sudden changes in cutting motion for a superior surface finish


    Magna Advanced Technologies
    • TATA Group
    Dongfang Machinery
    • Hutchinson

    Typical Applications:

    • Moulds and dies
    • Automotive panels
    • Consumer products
    • Materials with a hardness of up to 50 HRC and above

  • 5-axis Machining

    PowerMILL - 5-axis Machining

    PowerMILL offers a wide range of strategies to make efficient 5-axis programming a reality.


    • Saves time by machining complex parts in a single set-up
    • Uses shorter cutters for faster and more accurate machining, with less vibration
    • Improves cycle times and surface finish by efficiently controlling the orientation of the tool to the workpiece
    • Fully integrated simulation and collision detection ensures safe machining of undercut regions
    • Tool axis editing enables you to fine-tune individual areas of the toolpaths, resulting in a smooth machine tool motion


    • Goodrich Engine Control Systems
    • Beneteau
    • Mattel
    • Hyundai
    Hindustan Aeronautics

    Typical Applications:

    • Blades and blisks
    • Aerostructures
    • Port machining
    • Composite trimming
    • Complex mould and die

    Delcam ‘Spider’
    machined in 5-axis

    View video of Delcam ‘Spider’ machined in 5-axis
    Partner: Hermle
    View video of Delcam ‘Spider’ machined in 5-axis
  • Robot Machining

    PowerMILL - Robot Machining

    The PowerMILL Robot Interface lets you program robots with up to 8 axes as easily as you could program a 5-axis NC machine.


    • Accurate 3D simulation shows exactly how your robot will behave
    • Dedicated Robot Native Language Translators (RNLTs) drive the robot as programmed
    • Manual axis adjustment to avoid singularities
    • Supports popular robots such as Kuka, ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Staubli


    Southern Spars
    Garner Holt Productions
    • Pacific Forest
    • Princess Yachts

    Typical Applications:

    • Boat hulls and spars
    • Stone and wood sculpting
    • Trimming of composite materials
    • Modelling in foam and resin

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  • Blade, Blisk and Impeller Machining

    PowerMILL - Blades, Blisks and Impellers

    Blade, Blisk and Impeller machining (BBI) is a dedicated cost option solution for manufacturing turbo machinery components used in the automotive, aerospace and power generation industries.


    • Automated 5-axis strategies allow complex parts to be programmed efficiently
    • Rough and finish hub and blade components with minimal effort
    • Intelligent collision avoidance ensures parts are machined safely with no infringements with the tool, holder, fixturing or clamps
    • Tool axis editing, feed rate optimisation and intelligent point distribution help to achieve a smooth surface finish


    • MTM Automation & Aerospace
    • Aero Spec Engineering
    • AVIC Sichuan Fanhua Aviation Instrument & Electric Company

    Typical Applications:

    • Blades, blisks and impellers
    • Hubs and shrouds

  • Port Machining

    PowerMILL - Port Machining

    PowerMILL offers a dedicated port machining solution for the production of tubular apertures.


    • Removes any guesswork involved in machining complex 5-axis engine ports
    • Enables you to program efficient toolpaths and generate them faster than ever before
    • Can be used to produce shrouded blisks, shrouded impellers or any other hollow shape


    Zytek Motorsport
    Wegner Motorsports
    Noonan Racing Engines
    MBE Cylinder Heads & Manifolds

    Typical Applications:

    • Engine ports
    • Manifolds
    • Throttle bodies

  • Electrode Manufacturing

    PowerMILL - Electrode Machining

    PowerMILL allows you to create and machine your electrodes on the shop floor.


    • Helps you to eliminate bottlenecks in your manufacturing process
    • Uses an electrode creation wizard to make it easy to manufacture complex shapes that would be difficult to produce with conventional cutting tools
    • Automatically extract electrodes within a few minutes, with holders attached, set-up sheets generated and toolpaths created


    • Simoldes
    • Continental Automotive
    • Creative Technology
    • Gillette

    Typical Applications:

    • Complex moulds, dies and metal parts

    For more information about the Delcam Electrode solution visit:

  • Micromachining

    PowerMILL - Micromachining

    PowerMILL’s efficient micromachining roughing strategies enable you to produce parts smaller than 1mm.


    • Constant chip load ensures a smooth surface finish
    • Ability to vary lead in and lead out feed rates and spindle speeds further enhances part quality
    • Special strategies support the machining of thin walls or bosses on miniature parts


    Oxford Lasers
    • Tyco Electronics
    • Kugler

    Typical Applications:

    • Biomedical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Fibre Optics
    • Electronics
    • Telecommunications

  • Prismatic Machining

    PowerMILL - Prismatic Machining

    PowerMILL offers powerful 2D machining functionality for basic machining operations such as facing, chamfering and drilling.


    • Reduce your tool inventory and save cycle times by using only one tool to helically interpolate all holes
    • Automatically identifies any flat areas of the model and then modifies the slice spacing to optimise overall machining performance
    • Quick programming of symmetrical parts with the ability to mirror toolpaths while maintaining climb direction
    • Optimised leads and links smoothes the cutter entry and exit behaviour, improving tool life and surface finish


    • Oreco
    • Omkar Industries
    • Pan International

    Typical Applications:

    • Simple 2.5D production parts
    • Brackets
    • Plates

  • Machine Tool Probing

    Machine Tool Probing

    On Machine Verification (OMV) allows you to measure components while they are still on a machine tool, reducing the need to move parts between your machine tool and CMM. Components are measured using a machine tool probe which provides the same reporting capabilities as Delcam’s leading 3D inspection software, PowerINSPECT.


    • Make quick scrap or rework decisions
    • Keep manufacturing processes in control
    • Fast and easy programming with automated measurement strategies
    • Transfer measurement sequences quickly and easily between machine tools and measuring machines

    Solve complex measurement problems on Machine Tools

    On Machine Verification can be used to support the set-up of a job, or to evaluate the quality of machining where decisions can be made – on the machine itself.

    Our customers can be found in the aerospace, automotive and advanced manufacturing sectors, working with composites, complex geometries and free-form shapes. Work with 3, 4, and 5-axis machining centres. OMV supports table/table configurations, mixed configurations, or head/head configurations. Contact us now for more information.

    On Machine Verification works with touch trigger probing systems and supports the following controllers:

    • Andron • Fagor • Fanuc
    • Fidia • Haas • Heidenhain
    • Hurco • Makino • Mazatrol
    • Mitsubishi Melda • Mori Seiki • NUM
    • Okuma • Roeders • Selca
    • Siemens • Sodick • Syntec
    Please contact a Delcam reseller for more information.

    Working with batch components?

    OMV’s multiple measure capability allows you to excel when working with batches of similar components. Results and reports are kept in the same session file and comparisons between parts are made simple.

    Visit the PowerINSPECT website for more information on the world’s leading 3D inspection software.

    Read the FAQs for PowerINSPECT OMV

    Read this OMV case study from one of our existing customers.

    Watch the videos below to see PowerINSPECT OMV in-action:

  • Advanced Simulation & Verification

    Advanced Simulation & Verification

    PowerMILL’s Advanced Simulation and Verification Module provides a range of functionality for protection and utilisation of your CNC machine tools. Features include:

    • Project Verification
    • Dynamic Machine Control
    • Machine Tool Collision Checking
    • Simulation Analysis


    • Verify a complete 3-axis or 5-axis machining project in a single click to check for collisions and ensure axis limits are not exceeded
    • Optimise your 3+2 machining toolpaths with Dynamic Machine Control to identify the best collision-free machining angles
    • Reduce tool chatter, and improve surface finish and accuracy
    • Faster set-up times


    • Paragon D&E
    • Strohwig Industries
    • First Auto Works

  • Rib Machining

    Rib Machining

    Create ribs in complex mould tools quickly and easily with PowerMILL's Rib Machining module. Automatic Surface Recognition enables you to identify rib surfaces from a pattern. Features include:

    • A wizard-based approach to defining ribs
    • A rib mould toolbar for creating a pattern and acquiring rib surfaces
    • Numerous machining options for fine-tuning toolpaths


    • Machine complex moulds with long, thin and deep channels quickly and easily
    • Reduce the time and cost of defining rib machining features prior to toolpath calculation
    • Choose from two rib machining styles, Rib Centre or Rib Walls, depending on your rib geometry and tooling selection

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