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With On-Machine Verification, we can measure the press tools on the machine and find out if there are any problems immediately, we can now be confident that the tool will work as soon as it comes of the machine

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PowerINSPECT Applications

PowerINSPECT is firmly established as the world’s leading hardware-independent metrology software.  It combines the ability to work with all types of inspection device with a comprehensive range of inspection routines for taking simple measurements, for inspection of geometric features and for analysing complex 3D surfaces.

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  • Overview


    PowerINSPECT makes complex inspection tasks simple on a wide range of measuring equipment. Market leading CAD capability and fast, easy reporting make PowerINSPECT a powerful, multi-device inspection software solution.

    Sharing the same interface allows users to quickly transfer skills from using a portable device to writing programs for CNC CMM's. With minimum disruption to your inspection process this means that using PowerINSPECT as your only inspection software is not only cost effective but time effective.

  • Portable inspection

    Portable inspection

    PowerINSPECT's seamless device integrations with a focus on speed and ease of use, make PowerINSPECT the preferred solution for portable inspection equipment.

    From portable arms, to laser trackers and optical camera solutions PowerINSPECT is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for all types of measuring equipment.


    •  Quick measurement results wherever inspection is required
    •  Easy-to-understand inspection results even for complex measurement tasks
    •  Consistent results from different operators through programmable inspection routines


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  • Manual CMMs

    Manual CMMs

    PowerINSPECT is easy to use and provides a variety of features to make manual measurement as quick and easy as possible.

    With our easy to use probe database, calibration routines, reporting and interface, inspection on a manual CMM has never been easier.


    • Inspection time is minimised
    • Easy-to-understand inspection results even for complex measurement tasks
    • Maximum measurement accuracy through guided measurement functions

  • CNC / DCC CMMs

    CNC / DCC CMMs

    Adding fast and efficient programming capabilities, built on technology from Delcam's CAM applications, to PowerINSPECT’s already strong inspection and reporting capabilities give PowerINSPECT CNC the edge.

    Add this to support for I++, collision detection and simulation and PowerINSPECT CMM offers an easy to use, powerful solution for your CNC and CMM inspection needs.



    • Fast, repeatable high accuracy inspection
    • Easy programming of automated inspection routines
    • Easy-to-read inspection reports


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  • Laser scanning

    Laser scanning

    PowerINSPECT Laser Scanning's non-contact laser inspection is especially suited to large flowing free form surfaces. Powerful alignments and real time, colour mapped analysis of deviations gives instant visual feedback.


    • Easy upgrade from portable inspection reduces training time
    • Non-contact measurement is ideal for flexible or delicate components
    • High speed scanning gives highly detailed reports very quickly
    • STL output is suitable for simple reverse engineering activities
    • Combine with powerinspect Pro for comprehensive re-engineering tasks


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  • PowerINSPECT Design

    PowerINSPECT Design

    Tailored to the needs of design studios, PowerINSPECT Design can be used to digitise known or unknown curves and for marking out. Digitising curves is made simple as users are able to interact with a familiar interface and assign data or colour to points according to their function.


    • Quick and efficient digitising
    • All digitised curves can be edited at a later stage
    • Export curves for CAD operations or milling
    • Quick marking out of digitised curves with user guidance

  • On Machine Verification

    On Machine Verification

    On Machine Verification allows you to measure components while they are still on a machine tool, reducing the need to move parts between your machine tool and CMM. PowerINSPECT OMV measures components using a machine tool probe, providing the same inspection and reporting capabilities as PowerINSPECT.

    Using the same measurement software allows you to transfer measurement sequences between devices and compare results.


    • Measurement directly on the machine tool helps make quick scrap or rework decisions
    • In-process measurement helps keep manufacturing processes in control
    • Automated measurement strategies provide fast and easy programming
    • Common file format allows measurement sequences to be transferred between machine tool and measuring machine

  • Part Alignment

    Part Alignment

    PowerINSPECT PartAligner uses measurement results to replace labour-intensive, manual set up operations, improving accuracy and saving time.

    Using portable devices or the on machine probing solution we can move the program to the part, not the part to the program.


    • Automate part setting, making setup time more consistent
    • Reduce setup time
    • Improve setup accuracy

  • NC Products - NC Checker

    NC Checker

    Check the accuracy of your NC machine tool with standard probing equipment.

    A simple to use machine verification solution for rapid and effective verification of the machine measuring system and probing system.

    NC Checker has a comprehensive suite of processes for: -

    • 3D Probe calibration
    • Probe performance and accuracy
    • Machine multi-axis performance
    • Rotary axis performance
    • Monitoring the spindle to tool holder mounting repeatability

    A series of prompts guides the operator through each process, and results are displayed at run time and stored in a results archive. Archiving allows trends to be monitored.


    • Automated processes dramatically reduce machine downtime when the need for machine validation occurs
    • Probe Calibration is fast, accurate, and reliable
    • Multi-axis performance qualifies machine suitability for accurate 5 axis applications
    • Highlights misalignment and inaccuracy due to collisions
    • Validates the machine is still within the machine manufacturer’s specification
    • Provides tools and reports relevant to each machine and operator

  • NC Products - NC PartLocator

    NC PartLocator

    NC PartLocator eliminates the need for advanced set-up procedures and complex fixtures even when the component form means it is difficult to fixture, or when the form is variable due to other production processes.

    NC PartLocator provides a suite of tools for: -

    • Automated and semi-automated software fixturing
    • Accurate pallet fixture location for automated component loading systems
    • Measured surface location for accurate depth drilling and boring

    A series of prompts guides the operator through each process, and results are displayed at run time and stored in a results archive. Archiving allows trends to be monitored.


    • Reduces part variation and improves quality
    • Reduces process steps and set up times
    • Minimises the chances for errors
    • Reduces concessions and the need for costly fixtures
    • Improves process planning by minimising variation in setup time
    • Can be used with existing machining NC Programs



    PowerINSPECT ClayMilling is a software solution for milling on a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) using digitised curves, CAD data and scanned STL models. The software provides tool management, NC program generation and a method for running the programs directly on the CMM. This solution is ideal for the clay modelling design process as the intuitive Delcam user interface guides the user through programming the necessary toolpaths in just a few steps.


    • Based on PowerMILL technology
    • Tool management and calibration to be carried out on the machine
    • Create toolpaths
    • Limit curves

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