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FeatureCAM Tech Tips

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NC Code

  1. Changing post units  |  View video tutorial
  2. Generating a single program with multiple indexed setups
  3. Adding program name to post processor  |  View video tutorial
  4. Macros in V13
  5. Drilling canned cycles, the way they should be
  6. File extension for NC code
  7. Controlling number of decimal places displayed
  8. Automatically inserting the date in your NC code  |  View video tutorial
  9. Changing fixture ID numbers
  10. Multiple Fixture Documents  |  View video tutorial

User Interface

  1. Color coded surfaces
  2. Setting center of rotation for viewing  |  View video tutorial
  3. Changing default startup directory
  4. Status bar pop-up menus
  5. User views  |  View video tutorial
  6. 3D simulation tool colors  |  View video tutorial
  7. How to use pick labels  |  View video tutorial
  8. Customizing toolbars  |  View video tutorial
  9. View entities dialogue box
  10. Customizing the status bar
  11. Box zoom always at your fingertips

2.5D Milling

  1. Working with color overrides
  2. Backplotting
  3. Port Cavity Feature Recognition  |  View video tutorial
  4. Optional and mandatory stops
  5. Cutting large chamfers
  6. Getting a tool list with the NC code
  7. Tricks with helical ramping  |  View video tutorial
  8. Engraving serial numbers  |  View video tutorial
  9. Plunge roughing a curve  |  View video tutorial
  10. Editing post processors  |  View video tutorial
  11. Indexing and wrapping  |  View video tutorial
  12. Using total stock for a single rough pass
  13. Hole depth
  14. Stock other than block  |  View video tutorial
  15. Tap drill selection
  16. Using multiple roughing tools
  17. Setting multiple plunge points with a curve  |  View video tutorial
  18. Cross section  |  View video tutorial
  19. Engraving On A Curve  |  View video tutorial
  20. Creating a Points Pattern from a Curve
  21. Drilling Holes
  22. Threaded Holes  |  View video tutorial

3D Milling and Modeling

  1. 3D arc/line toolpath approximation
  2. Displaying hidden imported items
  3. Surface from a feature


  1. 2nd Operation on Turned Part  |  View video tutorial
  2. Using the 3/4 lathe view for ID work.
  3. Turning off the feature wizard
  4. Sub Spindle Transfer  |  View video tutorial

Simulation and Display

  1. Calculating accurate machining time
  2. Stay in Your current Viewing Mode
  3. Translucent part in the 3d simulation
  4. Adjusting how finely objects are displayed
  5. 3D Simulation of More than 1 Setup
  6. Lengthen the simulation speed control bar  |  View video tutorial
  7. Using layers to control which entities are displayed  |  View video tutorial


  1. Exiting a geometry mode.
  2. Using the curvature tool to determine proper size endmill.
  3. New Ellipse Constructor
  4. Curve to Geometry
  5. Projecting a Curve to Current UCS
  6. Displaying Circle and Arc Centers
  7. Changing the Start Point of a Curve
  8. Replacing curves when pasting features  |  View video tutorial
  9. Creating turned profiles from an stl file
  10. Project Curve to different z levels


  1. Troubleshooting your dongle


  1. Form Tools  |  View video tutorial
  2. Metric Conversion
  3. Multiple Setup Part
  4. Default Attributes
  5. How to tell Featurecam you are keeping a specific tool in a given tool slot in the machine tool.
  6. Carrying a Backup of the FM File
  7. Mill & Turn the same part
  8. Adding Multiple Curves to a Feature
  9. Automatic Clamp Avoidance  |  View video tutorial
  10. Vortex  |  View video tutorial
  11. Stock Models  |  View video tutorial
  12. Zip multiple files for emailing


  1. Updating Sentinel Dongle drivers
  2. Running Multiple Versions of FeatureCAM on One Computer

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