Feature-based machining for mills,
lathes and wire EDM

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FeatureCAM Addins

FeatureCAM provides the ability to customize and enhance the software to your particular requirements.  Some sample addins come with FeatureCAM right out of the box.  But there are additional addins that you can download from this web page.  Some of these addins are simple examples to help you learn how to program FeatureCAM yourself.  Others are useful in their own right.

Writing Your Own Addins

You can learn to write your own FeatureCAM applications by consulting the FeatureCAM API help file that is available on the Help menu under "FeatureCAM API Help".  A special category of addins are User Defined Features, also known as UDFs.  Information that will help you learn to write UDFs is available here.

Installing Addins

An extensive collection of add-ins is included on your FeatureCAM distribution. See the FeatureCAM Reference Help for more information.

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