FOCUS falls within the Factory of the Future (FoF) Public Private Partnerships in research and aims to support methods for improved exploitation of FoF project results from the chosen five participating FoF clusters. Creating clusters of FoF project activities, according to their objectives and addressed themes, is an effective way to enhance the impact of FoF projects. The five participating clusters in FOCUS will share experiences and best-practices to stimulate the take-up of project results and investigate how to best exploit synergies. Not only within these participating clusters now but foremost to define an approach that can also work for future clusters. The clusters within FOCUS are: Zero Defect Manufacturing (4ZDM), Clean Factories, Robotics, High Precision Manufacturing (High Micro) and Maintenance and Support; a diverse ‘community’ but representative for the European manufacturing industry, enabling the project to meet its objectives which are as follows: -

In the five existing FoF clusters FOCUS will:

  • Provide pro-active support to disseminate the projects’ tangible outcomes to support industrial exploitation and take-up within the clusters.
  • Review the state of the art and formulate future FoF priorities.

Building upon these five existing FoF clusters FOCUS will:

  • Deliver a model and associated methodology for effective cluster creation, execution and monitoring in future FoF PPP clusters.
  • Deliver a model and associated methodology for industrial exploitation and take-up of future FoF PPP projects.

11 partners from 7 countries in Europe will combine their expertise and knowledge to determine the State of the Art within the given clusters and then look to identify opportunities for enhanced collaborative exploitation.


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