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Delcam CRISPIN releases new 3D concept footwear design solution

Delcam CRISPIN releases new 3D concept footwear design solution

Delcam CRISPIN, the leading supplier of CAD/CAM software to the footwear industry, has released a new 3D footwear design solution ShoeMaker and is now the product of choice for 3D concept footwear designing, replacing the outgoing product ShoeDesign.

Delcam CRISPIN ShoeMaker is available as 2 product variations.

ShoeMaker Pro is for concept footwear design, incorporating the last, upper and sole within the same single environment, plus advanced tools for the creation of accessories, sole units and moulds, with functionality to control group and EVA grading. ShoeMaker Pro is based on the Delcam PowerSHAPE Pro Tribrid (surface, solid and facetted triangle) modelling kernel, which includes powerful wireframe creation tools with intelligent cursor, surface modelling, morphing and 3D texture wrapping.

The advanced tools are also available as a standalone product called SoleEngineer, which can be licensed separately for use on a different computer. SoleEngineer can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with either ShoeMaker, or ShoeMaker Pro.
ShoeMaker is for concept footwear design, incorporating the last, plus upper and sole designing within the same single environment. ShoeMaker is based on the Delcam PowerSHAPE modelling kernel which also includes powerful tools for solid modelling, so there is no limit to what can be designed or modelled. 

ShoeMaker is the product of choice for new customers looking for a 3D concept design solution and is the direct replacement for the outgoing 3D design solution ShoeDesign, which is still available to existing customers on Delcam maintenance. ShoeMaker is also available as a free maintenance upgrade to existing customers who would like to take advance of the more powerful ShoeMaker product.

Delcam CRISPIN ShoeMaker/Pro have a new user interface, which has made the software much easier to learn, simpler and more intuitive to use that even the more complex styles can be produced within a few hours.

Using ShoeMaker speeds the development of new styles by allowing faster creation of original designs and by using photo-realistic rendered images to reduce the need for multiple physical samples.  The free Delcam CRISPIN ShoeMaker-e, which can be downloaded from, allows ShoeMaker designs to be communicated to manufacturing factories or clients worldwide for their comments and feedback, Adjustments to the design can be made within minutes then resubmitted for approval within seconds, dramatically reducing the product time to market. When physical samples are required, ShoeMaker can output design models to be rapid prototyped for product and marketing reviews.

ShoeMaker can also reduce the cost of developing new designs. Design features created in 3D allow manufacturing issues and costs to be analysed and changed early in the design process.  This reduces the cost of making the changes and minimises the possibility of problems arising at the manufacturing stage. Features and accessories created with the ShoeMaker Pro advanced modelling tools are full solid models and can be used in the design, prototyped or machined directly, or sent digitally to a machining centre to produce.

Both ShoeMaker product variants incorporate the complete process from the opening a design last from the available library, or importing  the 3D last via one of many standard formats like IGES and STL to the export of the finished design for rapid prototyping or flattening for advanced pattern engineering.  The software allows the user to draw style lines directly on the last; apply colours, textures, padding and material thicknesses to the various elements; and then add features like stitching, eyelets and automatically positioned laces, or accessories such as buckles and trims.

The wide range of colours, material textures, 3D solid model accessories and features supplied within ShoeMaker allow different design concepts to be created and evaluated quickly and easily, whether they are fashion, conventional or sports-type designs. ShoeMaker makes it is easy for users to add and use their own colour pallets and material texture libraries to speed the development of footwear ranges for particular brands or OEM customers, as well as to develop their own company design specifications.

ShoeMaker Pro and ShoeMaker are both fully integrated with all the other Delcam CRISPIN products in the range, and data is shared with each product using the a single .SHOE file which contains every data element from the 3D last to the cut file. ShoeMaker also reduces the product time to market, especially between the key areas of design and pattern engineering, for example the upper component piece boundary lines created in ShoeMaker are transferred with the flattened forms and other style lines to Delcam CRISPIN Engineer Pro, providing the user with automatically created net pattern pieces, allowing the engineer to concentrate on adding the extra allowances with Edge Templates reducing the overall time spent developing the pattern.

Delcam CRISPIN is unique in being able to provide a fully integrated solution for 3D last engineering, 3D design of uppers and soles, 3D engineered and graded lasts, sole units, heels and moulds in the same single environment, along with advanced pattern engineering, ensuring that all components fit together accurately at the manufacturing stage. This broad range of programs has been a major factor in establishing the company as the leading supplier of CAD/CAM to the footwear industry.

15 May 2011

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