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Delcam to preview PowerMILL 10 with global webinars

PowerMILL 10 will offer faster programming for complex parts

Delcam and its international network of Sales Partners will preview the latest new version of the PowerMILL CAM system with a global series of webinars next week.  More than 20 Sales Partners in 15 countries will be hosting webinars to demonstrate the new features in the program during the week.  A full list of the dates, times and languages can be found at

The new release of PowerMILL offers Delcam’s fastest-ever programming through a unique combination of background-processing and multi-threading technologies that will increase productivity and reduce lead times.  Tests at Delcam indicate that a dual core computer running PowerMILL 10 will perform raster machining calculations in around 55% of the time taken by a single core machine with PowerMILL 9, while a quad core machine will complete the calculations in around 35% of the time.

Perhaps even more important is that PowerMILL 10 will eliminate any waiting time for the user.  Strategies and parameters for one operation can be prepared and edited in the foreground, while calculating other toolpaths in the background using the full power of the multi-core machine.  Calculations can be queued by the operator and the software will automatically start the next operation as soon as each toolpath is generated.

Other enhancements in the new release to further increase productivity include reduced memory usage when programming the largest and most complex parts, and improved ordering to give faster cycle times on the machine tool.

11 June 2009

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