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Fifteen years as a Delcam customer in Argentina

Mi-Pa-Met began its investment in Delcam software by buying the PowerINSPECT inspection program

More than fifteen years ago, just after Delcam Sales Partner MultiCAM had started its activities in the Argentinean market, it had the good fortune to meet Claudio Miot, owner of Mi-Pa-Met srl.

Mr. Miot had developed his professional career inside companies specialising in the manufacture of sheet metal spare parts for cars, before founding his own company.

From the very beginning, Mr. Miot was convinced that making the right investment decisions at the right time would help his company to grow rapidly.  After discussions with MultiCAM, Mi-Pa-Met decided to start with an investment in metrology, buying its first CMM with Delcam’s PowerINSPECT inspection software.  "The software helped Mi-pa-met to move forward more quickly, not only by putting us in a position to supply to new customers such as Mercedes Benz but also by improving our quality procedures,” said Mr. Miot.

The investment in Delcam software continued as Mi-Pa-Met expanded, with the PowerSHAPE Pro design and reverse engineering software added into the engineering division, in particular to target the market for automotive spare parts.  PowerSHAPE Pro’s reverse engineering tools, combined with the speed of capturing of digitised data using the CMM, guaranteed accuracy and reduced delivery times.

The next stage was an expansion of the toolroom, where new CNC mills were added, together with the PowerMILL CAM system for programming.  At the same time, extra highly-qualified staff were recruited.

"We could see immediately that PowerMILL was a unique product,” said Carla Moncalvo, one of the new engineers.  "I had worked in a few companies in the north of Italy where I had used other CAM software.  In comparison, the calculation speed and accuracy of the toolpaths with PowerMILL is incredible.  It is difficult to quantify in figures how much the software helps, but I can confirm that it is a key tool for us.” 

Another important benefit was that, with PowerMILL, Mi-Pa-Met can confidently cover all its programming needs for the manufacture of new press tools, including machining of foam models for the foundry and finishing of the press tools, as well as the production of fixtures and other accessories.

26 June 2014

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