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Delcam customer Zytek powers Le Mans winner

Delcam customer Zytek provided the engine for the winner of the LMP2 class at this year’s Le Mans 24-hour race

JOTA Sport won the LMP2 class at this year’s Le Mans 24-hours endurance race with a car powered by the VK45DE engine developed and serviced by Delcam customer, Zytek, in association with Nissan.  In a truly classic race, JOTA Sport took the victory after an epic battle which went down to the last lap.

With the Zytek/Nissan-powered cars of TDS Ligier and G-Drive Ligier coming in 2nd and 5th respectively, it was certainly a Le Mans race to remember for Zytek.
The victory was the third at Le Mans for the 4.5-litre V8 engine, which was developed and is serviced at Zytek’s Repton headquarters. 

Zytek has been a Delcam customer since 2004, when the company first started using the PowerMILL CAM system to program its range of Mori-Seiki machine tools.  Since then, the two companies have worked together to develop novel machining strategies for motorsport components.  The main focus for the partnership has been on more efficient five-axis machining of inlet and exhaust ports.  The results have included reductions in machining times of up to 60%, together with better quality and consistency.

17 June 2014

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