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Delcam’s OrthoMODEL shown by Prestige Healthcare at Ideal Home Exhibition

With Delcam OrthoMODEL, Prestige Healthcare can offer scanning and modelling at exhibitions

Delcam’s OrthoMODEL software for the design and manufacture of custom orthotic insoles was demonstrated by Prestige Healthcare at the Ideal Home Show held at Earl’s Court, London, in March.  To see how the software allowed Prestige Healthcare to provide a "while-you-wait” service, please go to

"Traditionally, we work mainly with the NHS but the funding there is starting to shrink,” explained Prestige Healthcare Managing Director, Robert Affutu-Nartey.  "So we’ll now have to look at the private sector.  At the Ideal Home Exhibition, we could deal directly with the public who are willing to pay for foot orthotics.  We can offer them at a very competitive price because we’ve got the Delcam technology.”

"We are a traditional surgical appliance company and we manufacture mainly foot orthotics,” he added.   "Traditionally, we made them with plaster casts, and then modelled them by hand.  It was very difficult to get a second pair to be exactly the same as the first.  With the advent of 3D milling and modelling technology, we decided to work with Delcam.  The benefits over traditional methods are that it is quicker, it is cleaner, and it is safer because we’re able to repeat jobs very easily.  Repeatability is key because patients often need more than one set of orthotics.  We get a guaranteed perfect fit every time and our customers are extremely happy.”

Prestige Healthcare found a few competitors at the exhibition that were offering modular systems or so-called ‘made to measure’.  With OrthoMODEL, Prestige Healthcare was able to offer orthotics to fit the customer’s feet as opposed to something that was off-the-shelf.

"We first started with Delcam three years ago and we now have four orthotists that work for us using this system,” remembered Mr. Affutu-Nartey.  "I investigated some of the other systems and I went to Germany to have a look at the German systems.  I thought Delcam offered better technical support, better reliability and also the staff are on hand to help us if we have a problem.”

"To be honest, to start off with we found it quite difficult with the new technology but Delcam engineers were on the end of the telephone for help and they came to visit us.  We worked with two of their engineers who were very, very supportive.  I’ve now bought a mobile unit, which enables us to come to shows and exhibitions where we can offer scanning and modelling on site while people wait.”

30 May 2014

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