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Delcam to show latest CADCAM for toolmakers at DieMould China

The booth at DieMould China will feature demonstrations of Delcam’s complete CADCAM solution for toolmakers

Delcam will demonstrate the company’s complete range of design, machining and inspection software for toolmakers at the DieMould China exhibition to be held in Shanghai from 4th to 7th June.  The range includes PowerSHAPE Pro for data translation and repair, modelling for manufacture and tooling design, and reverse engineering; PowerMILL for high-speed and five-axis machining; PowerINSPECT for CAD-based inspection on all types of measuring device; and Delcam Electrode for the design, machining and inspection of electrodes.

The 2014 R2 release of PowerSHAPE Pro includes a range of new functionality for the design of products and tooling.  In particular, the new version introduces powerful new tools to make re-engineering complex parts from scanned data faster and easier, plus an option to merge disjointed faces within a solid and so make direct modelling operations more robust. 

By offering a combination of solid, surface and direct modelling, together with reverse engineering functionality, PowerSHAPE Pro provides the most comprehensive range of design techniques available in a single CAD program.  Having all the different technologies in the same package reduces the need to transfer data between multiple programs and so streamlines the whole product development process.  At the same time, the combination of quick and easy direct modelling options, together with powerful and flexible surface modelling, makes PowerSHAPE Pro the perfect choice for design for manufacture.

The 2014R2 release of PowerMILL CAM software includes new options for machining of all types of tooling with unprecedented speed and accuracy.  New simulation and customisation tools, plus greater editing flexibility, give even greater opportunities to minimise programming times and reduce manufacturing times.

A series of improvements to Delcam’s unique Vortex high-efficiency area-clearance strategy is also included in the new release.  Vortex gives fast, safe metal removal by allowing solid carbide tooling to cut with its full flute length so minimising machining times.  At the same time, Vortex toolpaths use a controlled engagement angle between the cutter and the part, and so give a more consistent volume-removal rate and feedrate, minimising wear on the cutter. 

PowerINSPECT 2014 features a new interface with new icons that makes the software more intuitive and even easier to use.  Other enhancements in the new version include the ability to create compound items, and so speed up and simplify repetitive measurements.

The new interface has been developed to further improve the ease of use that has been central to PowerINSPECT becoming the world’s leading hardware-independent inspection software.  Over the last few releases, the software has seen a significant increase in the range of measurements that it can make.  The software can now be used to take all types of simple measurements and to inspect a growing variety of geometric features, as well as offering more tools for analysing complex 3D surfaces.  In addition to making it easier to negotiate the greater range of options, the interface features freshly-designed icons, which give a cleaner look and feel to the software.

Delcam Electrode combines PowerSHAPE, PowerMILL and PowerINSPECT to give a completely integrated solution for the design, machining and inspection of electrodes.  At the heart of the Delcam solution is a novel file format – the .Trode file.  This contains all the information for each electrode project, including not only the electrode design but also the machining and inspection information, plus the set-up sheets for its manufacture and use.  Having all the required information in a single file simplifies data management as well as increasing overall efficiency.

In the 2014 version, the .Trode file has been made compatible with Windows Explorer.  This new option allows electrode geometry, set-up sheets and script files to be viewed directly from the .Trode file using Windows Explorer with a single click on the desired item.  Data management has been simplified further with the option to output an electrode schedule in HTML, Excel or CSV format from the software. 

29 May 2014

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