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Impcross standardises on Delcam software for design and programming

Steve Arnold (centre left) and Martin Phelps (centre right) of Impcross with Alan Gardner (left) and Steve Creron on the Delcam stand at MACH

Delcam is delighted to announce that precision engineering specialist Impcross has standardised on the company’s software for its future design and programming needs.  The order for multiple seats of Delcam’s PowerSHAPE design software, and the PowerMILL and FeatureCAM programming systems was confirmed during the recent MACH exhibition.

Impcross, which is based in Stroud in Gloucestershire, has grown into a world-class centre of precision engineering over more than twenty years.  It makes high-precision components in an array of materials, for the aerospace, automotive, autosport, military and petro-chemical industries.  The company has built up a wide range of equipment, including eleven three- and five-axis Matsuura mills, two DMG DMU five-axis machining centres, and turning and turn-mill equipment from Hitachi-Seiki, Mori-Seiki, MHP and Romi, plus high-precision grinding and jig-boring machines.

"At Impcross, we focus on providing our customers with a winning blend of accuracy and excellence,” claimed Operations Manager, Steven Arnold.  "We offer quality, speed and competitive pricing to all our customers, whether they are ordering a one-off prototype or a large run of components.”

Impcross has an enviable reputation in both the commercial and military aerospace sectors, having been a supplier for over eighteen years with a particular focus on Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier programmes.  With its multi-axis machining capability and certification to AS 9100 Rev C, the company can manufacture and deliver the most complex components in an array of materials, including titanium, aluminium, Inconel and stainless steel.
Similarly, Impcross has had an active involvement in Formula 1 for over sixteen years, machining an array of exotic materials to demanding tolerances.  In this fast-moving and exacting sector, delivery requirements can often be in days, whilst always demanding the highest possible standards of quality and consistency.

The petro-chemical industry also demands short lead times for technically challenging parts but, with twenty years experience in the field, Impcross is well placed to meet these requirements.  Specialist components produced in exotic alloys for this industry include top-side and sub-sea valves, as well as drill-head telemetry components.

"Despite our status as one of the UK’s leading centres for precision engineering, we know that we cannot afford to be complacent and so put a big emphasis on our continuous improvement philosophy,” added Mr. Arnold.  "With our new Delcam software, our production engineering and programming departments are fully-equipped to produce even the most complex parts on our five-axis and turn-mill equipment.”

"In all the sectors we supply, the pressure for cost reduction is ever present but we also need to maintain our exacting standards and quick lead times without compromise.  We believe that Delcam offers the best CADCAM software on the market and look forward to continuing the growth of our business with Delcam by our side.”

For further information on Delcam’s CADCAM systems, please contact:-
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19 May 2014

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