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Delcam conducts Advanced Manufacturing Seminar at Aurangabad

Delegates learnt about Delcam’s latest CADCAM technology at an Advanced Manufacturing Seminar in Aurangabad

Delcam’s Advanced Manufacturing Solutions were showcased at the recent half-day seminar at Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India.  The event was held to update prospective buyers and Delcam customers on technologies like multi-axis machining, machining with robots, CAD-based inspection and revolutionary Delcam technologies like the award-winning Vortex high-efficiency, area-clearance strategy.

Aurangabad is one of the major industrial areas in Maharashtra and its four large industrial areas are home to many Indian companies as well as multinational major corporations.  The area is well known for its automotive suppliers and a large proportion of these companies are Delcam customers.  Regional representatives of Delcam’s leading machine-tool and cutting-tool partners were also invited to the seminar.

Delcam experts demonstrated the benefits of using multi-axis CAM from PowerMILL for the programming of large moulds and dies.  In addition to this, it was shown with what ease large parts can be measured on the shop floor itself by using an articulated arm and the impressive features of Delcam’s PowerINSPECT inspection software.

"Being the R&D Division of a cold, warm and hot forging unit, we see many challenges in machining and parting surface generation,” said Mr. Rajaram Raskar who works with the R&D Division of Varroc Engineering.  "PowerSHAPE and PowerMILL have helped us overcome numerous issues in these disciplines.  The Delcam AMS seminar introduced new concepts like shop-floor inspection and specialist high-speed machining strategies like Delcam Vortex, which are likely to benefit us in the near future.  The improvements to direct modelling tools in PowerSHAPE are quite impressive and will help us reduce time and efforts.”

Mr. Partha Pratim Biswas, Toolroom Manager at Videocon Industries, who attended the seminar, added, "We have been using Delcam PowerMILL and PowerSHAPE for quite some time now for complex mould profile machining and for electrode making.  This seminar has opened up new opportunities for us to check out and adopt in our machining practices.  I liked the Vortex machining strategy and look forward to derive the benefits of this strategy in our machining activities. I’m happy that this strategy is available to customers under maintenance, at no charge.”

Managing Director for Delcam India and Middle East, Mr. Vineet Seth, commented, "Aurangabad is an important market for us and, due to its propinquity with the automotive industry, it is important for us to spread knowledge about advanced manufacturing techniques as well as CAD-based inspection to the market here.  Many tool and die companies in the region are required to compete on price and delivery, therefore, if the right tools are made available to them, it will help them compete more effectively and deliver quality components at a reasonable price.  We work together with many machine tool and cutting tool majors in this region, with the sole purpose of providing completely integrated solutions to the customers.  I thank all the participants of the seminar in making this endeavour of ours successful and meaningful.”

13 May 2014

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