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Delcam upgrades software for accommodative and corrective orthotic insoles

The 2014 version of OrthoMODEL has a new user interface to improve workflow and reduce design times

Delcam has launched the 2014 version of its OrthoMODEL software for the design of custom orthotic insoles.  The new release includes a range of improvements to the user interface to improve workflow and reduce design times, enhancements to pad design and placement, a more sophisticated re-ordering process and faster, more reliable import of scan data.  For further details, please go to

OrthoMODEL offers "real-time design” of both accommodative orthotics, ideal for patients with diabetes and for those requiring comfort insoles, and corrective orthotics, to address problems with the patient’s foot orientation and gait cycle.

The software has a direct interface to Delcam’s iQube range of scanners, all of which are able to scan the patient’s foot, foam boxes or casts.  As an open system, it can also import scan data from most other systems as well as create NC code for orthotics generated in other CAD systems

The improvements to pad placement allow them to be merged into the orthotic, rather than only having the option to add them on top of the surface.  The speed of pad placement has also been improved enabling design time to be further reduced.  Similarly, depressions can be added relative to a plane as well as subtracted from the orthotic surface.  These two options give more flexibility in design.

OrthoMODEL has always been able to store designs for repeat orders.  This functionality has been made much more powerful with a new ability to copy any order from any stage in its development, modify it where required and re-submit it for manufacture.

This option will be particularly valuable for patients that require repeat orders, those requiring the same design to be applied to different shoe types or even those being prescribed a series of orthotics to correct a problem progressively.  Previously, the modified orthotic would have needed to be redesigned from the start.  Now, the original design process can be interrupted where the changes are needed and the modifications made at that point.

As with all of Delcam’s products for the orthotics industry, the new software has been developed in association with Delcam customers from laboratories, podiatrists and orthotists around the world, coupled with Delcam’s knowledge of footwear design and manufacture gained from its relationships with leading brands.

17 April 2014

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