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Delcam doubles up for Orthotics Technology Forum in 2014

The latest developments in Delcam’s OrthoModel software will be described during the Orthotics Technology Forum

Following successful events in the UK and USA over the last three years, Delcam will host the Orthotics Technology Forum on both sides of the Atlantic in 2014.  The first meeting will be held in Chicago at Loyola University on 5th and 6th June and the second at the Evoluon Centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on 18th September. 

Like the previous meetings in the series, the 2014 meetings will cover new technologies and processes designed to assist practitioners and laboratories in prescribing, designing and manufacturing custom orthotic insoles.  For more information, please visit

 Loyola University was founded in 1909 and established a medical department affiliated with Illinois Medical College soon after.  The Podiatry section within its Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation is active in patient care and education, as well as undertaking clinical and basic science research, with a record of numerous nationally-recognized scientific publications and presentations.

Eindhoven is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands, and a leading centre for technology and research.  It is best known as the original site of Philips, one of the largest electronics firms in the world, and several universities, including the Fontys University, School for Podiatry.  The Forum will be based in the futuristic looking Evoluon Centre, which started life as The Philips Museum, and is now an impressive international conference centre.

Next year’s European event is being run alongside The Dutch Society of Podiatry (NVvP) Annual Congress, an event for high level clinical discussion to be held on 19th September.  Bringing the two events together in the same venue on consecutive days gives delegates a unique opportunity to attend two days of presentations, discussions and hands on workshops, covering both clinical and technological topics.

Delcam is currently developing the programs for both the North American and European meetings.  International speakers are being contacted for presentations leading the way in developing and using different types of technology.  Topics to be covered include hardware devices to help measure biomechanical features, pressure and anatomical form, and CADCAM tools for plasterless manufacture, as well as new ideas for increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs.  Researchers, laboratories and practitioners interested in speaking at either the US or the European Forum should contact Chris Lawrie at

A number of sponsorship options are available for suppliers of materials and equipment to the custom orthotics industry.  Full details are available from Mary Shaw at for the North American Forum or from Hannah Harlock at for the European Forum.

The Summit programme will focus on showing the latest technology that is currently being used in the design and manufacture of orthotic insoles as well as what may be on the horizon.  The aim is to provide another opportunity for delegates to see a wide variety of innovative technologies from a combination of diverse organisations.

29 November 2013

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