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Delcam selects GOM to improve data capture in aerospace and automotive projects

The GOM equipment in Delcam’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Delcam has selected GOM’s ATOS III system to improve data capture for automation sequences in its process development work and in developing turnkey adaptive machining cells. 

In these cells, Delcam staff are applying their expertise to automate the process from 3D scan through to intelligent machining of components.  These projects are mainly for the aerospace and automotive industries and involve the development of geometric adaptive machining solutions for complex engineering tasks.

GOM and Delcam staff have forged close working relations on creating detailed scan data on complex aerospace parts.  The scan data is used to provide reference information for geometric distortion of complex components.  This allows Delcam to develop geometrically adapted machine tool paths.

The ATOS III has given Delcam another form of inspection and allows for more accurate reverse engineering.  It has made inspection of many parts quicker and more thorough, with more data provided in a shorter time.

Delcam chose GOM because of the quality of the ATOS III and the after-sales support offered by GOM UK.  Delcam particularly valued GOM’s excellent support structure and access to very well established users groups and conferences.

The main uses for the GOM equipment are aerospace and automotive.  However, it has been recently used by Delcam as part of a project for a maker of saddles for polo ponies.

The GOM ScanBox contains the ATOS Triple Scan 3D sensor mounted on a robot, so combining the accuracy of the ATOS blue-light technology with the flexibility of the robot.  This combination offers the highest resolution data from small, detailed parts, while also providing extremely fast scanning of large objects up to two metres in length.  The point-cloud data generated can be used for either reverse engineering or inspection with Delcam software.

Kevin Hawley, GOM UK’s sales manager, said: "Delcam is a fantastic partner in this high tech field as its software is used by so many leading aerospace and automotive manufacturers.  We have worked together to produce a sensor that offers the highest resolution at very high scanning speeds.”

Paul Wilkinson, General Manager of Delcam Professional Services, said: "GOM is at the forefront of metrology systems and we are pleased to have worked with the company to develop our new services.  The GOM equipment will make reverse engineering or inspection much easier and more accurate.  This technology is needed by today’s manufacturers.”

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14 November 2013

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