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Delcam software flexibility brings success for Base Patterns

Delcam software was used to produce sample components for Base Group’s exhibition stand at the 2012 Composites Engineering show

The flexibility of Delcam’s CADCAM software has played an important role in the rapid growth of Base Patterns.  Since the company’s formation in 2010, Base Patterns has established a successful business supplying models, patterns, fixtures and tooling to various advanced engineering sectors, including aerospace, automotive and motorsport.

Base Patterns, which is based in Whetstone, Leicestershire, is a part of Base Group, which was founded by John Miller and consists of several companies providing chemicals and materials for advanced composite applications.  Over the past three years, Base Group has implemented successfully an ambitious development programme to provide high-performance model and tooling boards, pre-impregnated fabrics, surface coatings and custom-formulated resin systems, supported by a design and manufacturing facility utilising the latest high-speed milling technology.

Base Group is the only company worldwide that controls the entire manufacturing cycle from polymer to 3D machined prototype, model, pattern, jigs and subassemblies.  This has delivered exceptional results in the domestic market with growth in excess of 35% in 2012. 

During the same period, Base Group has also expanded its overseas activities, resulting in a 20% contribution from international markets.  This is an exciting time in the evolution of Base Group with its sights firmly set on the future; it is developing several innovative technologies that will enhance the customer experience and shape the future of composites. 

As a key strategic international partner, Delcam is able to support Base Group’s business needs through a variety of software.  Comprehensive technical support further supports the long-term vision for the Group. 

Tony Wilcox, Project Manager at Base Patterns, recognised the benefits of using the software range developed by Delcam stating, "This is the heart of the operation and delivers a seamless transition from initial CAD through to final inspection.” 

"By utilising the PowerSHAPE CAD software and PowerMILL CAM system, we are able to meet the design needs of our clients and convert this into a three-dimensional form,” he claimed.  "We can provide our clients with faster response times and shortened lead times and, in doing so, exceed our customers’ expectations.”

23 September 2013

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