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Delcam to show software for orthotic insoles at O&P World Congress

Delcam’s OrthoMODEL design software makes it easy locate and measure the key points on the foot

Delcam will demonstrate the latest version of its OrthoMODEL design software for custom orthotic insoles at the O&P World Congress to be held in Florida from 18th to 21st September.  The new release includes options for the design of corrective orthotics for the first time.

OrthoMODEL 2013 R2 offers "real-time design” of both accommodative orthotics, ideal for patients with diabetes and for those requiring comfort insoles, and corrective orthotics, to address problems with the patient’s foot orientation and gait cycle.

The software has a direct interface to Delcam’s iQube range of scanners, all of which are able to scan the patient’s foot, foam boxes or casts.  It can also import scan data from most other systems. 

Once the scan data has been imported, new trimming tools allow the removal of any unwanted data before aligning the scan.  Faster alignment tools enable quicker design times, whilst giving information such as arch height, scan length and other key measurements.

Following scan alignment, OrthoModel creates the orthotic design automatically by simply selecting from a number of types.  The range of types is configured by the user according to the way in which they prescribe.  Each type has a "recipe” of parameters that is combined with the required trim profile and the scan to create a truly custom insole.  A wide range of additions, including pads, bars and depressions, can be applied to the design to relieve pain or ulcerations.

Further to the already extensive range of parameters that can be adjusted, including arch fill, forefoot tapers, flanges, heel cups etc., the user can now also apply corrective features.  Intrinsic forefoot and rearfoot posts can be added to adjust foot alignment, and heel raise or lift can be applied in the event of leg-length discrepancies.  These new options enable OrthoModel to be used for corrective, as well as accommodative, applications.

Even with these added options, the new version of OrthoMODEL remains exceptionally easy for the practitioner to use.  Rapid generation of designs that can be instantly visualised and modified in 3D ensures that the practitioner and customer are totally satisfied with the product before it is sent for manufacture and so minimises any possibility of returns.

As with all of Delcam’s products for the orthotics industry, the new software has been developed in association with Delcam customers from laboratories, podiatrists and orthotists around the world, coupled with Delcam’s knowledge of footwear design and manufacture gained from its relationships with leading brands.

16 September 2013

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