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Delcam Greater China holds 2013 Sales Partner Meeting in Suzhou

 More than 100 delegates attended the 2013 Delcam Greater China Sales Partner Meeting

Delcam held its 2013 Greater China Sales Partner Meeting at Taoyuan Hotel in Suzhou on 1st and 2nd August.  More than 100 delegates from Delcam‘s sales network attended, including representatives from Hong Kong, Taiwan and many regions of China’s mainland.

The meeting was hosted by David You, Operating General Manager of Delcam China.  Opening the meeting, General Manager of Delcam Greater China, Joe Zhou, warmly welcomed all the valued sales partners. He also announced that Delcam China’s turnover has greatly increased in the first half of 2013, growing by more than 40% over the same period of 2012.  Sales for the second half of 2013 are expected to show continued growth.

Mr. Zhou emphasised that Delcam Greater China has grown significantly over the last ten years.  Delcam China continues to succeed in the competitive Chinese market by maintaining innovation in its products and technology.  He was expecting the sales channel to contribute to further growth, with Delcam China supporting all its sales partners in both technical and commercial aspects.

Mark Forth, Product Manager of Delcam’s Advanced Manufacturing Division, announced a new series of products and new technology, which made the audience eyes brighten. In particular, PowerMILL2014 will provide users with incredible speed and accuracy for the programming of complex parts.  The new Vortex strategy is the most important high-speed machining option to reduce manufacturing times and achieve the maximum tool life.

During the two-day meeting, Delcam China introduced many new channel strategies, case studies and marketing promotions.  Some sales partners shared their experiences and successes in selling Delcam products.  More than ten sales partners were recognised with "best sales partner” and "authorized sales partner” awards.
Delcam China arranged a training course for all the sales partners titled "Outstanding Management Methods” for the afternoon of August 2nd. 

All the delegates left the meeting looking forward to the future.  "They believe that we all can get win-win results by marching forward with Delcam,” commented David You.

09 September 2013

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