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Delcam CRISPIN to show latest footwear CADCAM in China and Vietnam

Delcam CRISPIN’s range of footwear CADCAM software will be demonstrated at the Asian seminars

Delcam CRISPIN will show the new versions of its design and manufacturing software for the footwear industry at seminars in China and Vietnam during September.   The events will take place in Dongguan City, China, on 3rd September, and in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on 10th September. 

Both seminars will feature previews of the upcoming new release of the ShoeCost footwear costing software, and demonstrations of the new ShoeCloud project management system and the latest release of the ShoeMaker 3D design software.

Delcam CRISPIN is the world’s largest supplier of CADCAM software to the footwear industry and is the only supplier able to provide a complete solution for the design and manufacture of lasts, uppers and soles.

The new version of the ShoeCost software allows improved prediction and management of the cost of footwear manufacture.  Since the release of the original ShoeCost package several years ago, the product has become the market-leading footwear-costing solution, being trusted by a wide range of leading global brands.  The 2014 version offers a more intuitive interface and integrates more closely with other Delcam CRISPIN CADCAM packages to streamline the design and manufacturing process, whilst still giving manufacturers better control over costs and profitability.

ShoeCost 2014 provides a clear breakdown of all the costs involved in footwear manufacture, making it easy to compare the actual cost of the shoe to the target cost.  Costs can be included for cut pattern pieces and components, as well as for labour and overheads.  The overall cost for the shoe changes dynamically when the simple drag and drop functionality is used to add or remove elements of the design, such as pattern pieces and components.  This makes it easy for footwear professionals to stay within their target cost and to produce accurate costing reports quickly.

A key feature of ShoeCost 2014 is its flexible approach to reporting.  Every footwear manufacturer has a unique set of needs when producing costing reports.  Delcam CRISPIN has, therefore, made the interface fully customisable, enabling users to choose which tools to display and where to locate them on the screen, so making the software as easy to use as possible.

The ShoeCloud project management and collaboration software enables more efficient management of design and manufacturing data throughout the development of new shoe designs, either within a single company or along a supply chain.  It also makes decision making more productive by giving the right information to the right people at the right time. 

ShoeCloud can be integrated within the CRISPIN range of software for 3D footwear design and manufacture.  Alternatively, for staff not directly involved in design and manufacturing, such as management or marketing departments, ShoeCloud data can be accessed though standard Web browsers and e-mail.  This versatility allows ShoeCloud to speed and streamline communications at all levels, and so lead to quicker introduction of new designs.

The seminars will also include demonstrations of the latest ShoeMaker CAD software for 3D footwear design.  The system is the only program to integrate the design of both uppers and soles in 3D, so allowing the complete shoe to be developed and visualised simultaneously.  This is of particular benefit to companies making sports shoes and other designs with complex soles.

20 August 2013

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