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Delcam to show new multi-axis PartMaker module at EMO

New 4- and 5-axis simultaneous milling strategies in PartMaker 2013 R2 will be demonstrated at EMO

Delcam will demonstrate improved multi-axis machining options in the latest version of its PartMaker suite of CAM software on stand K18 in Hall 25, the largest stand of any CADCAM supplier, at the EMO exhibition to be held in Hannover, Germany, from 16th to 21st September.

The new four- and five-axis simultaneous milling functionality in PartMaker 2013 R2, known as ASM-MX, or Advanced Surface Machining – Multi-Axis, applies across the entire PartMaker CAM suite, including the PartMaker Mill, Turn-Mill and SwissCAM modules.  In addition to providing unique four- and five-axis simultaneous milling functionality, ASM-MX has also been priced cost effectively relative to other CAM systems on the market for high-end milling. 

One the hallmarks of PartMaker ASM-MX, like other Delcam CAM systems such as PowerMILL, is that all the machining algorithms underlying the software are developed in-house, by Delcam’s industry-largest CAM development team, not licensed from a third party developer.  This approach assures PartMaker users that they are getting unique functionality that will allow them to stay ahead of the competition.

The new four- and five-axis simultaneous milling strategies found in ASM-MX are based on the same unique approach to multi-axis programming used in the PowerMILL CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining.  ASM-MX provides the user with complete tool-axis control for all five-axis simultaneous machining strategies. 

Additionally, ASM-MX features a totally unique new machining strategy called "Spine Finishing.”  Spine finishing can be used in either four- or five-axis simultaneous operations and is ideal for machining parts with unique curves, such as angulated abutments found in the dental implant industry. 

"The new functionality in PartMaker that will be on display at EMO lets users harness the power of highly sophisticated four- and five-axis simultaneous milling in an intuitive and practical, yet highly sophisticated and elegant manner,” claimed PartMaker Division President, Hanan Fishman.  "Advanced surface machining practices are becoming more and more common in production machining environments.  This trend is growing in popularity particularly among those working in the medical and aerospace fields.”

14 August 2013

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