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Delcam CRISPIN Footwear Industry 3D Design Contest

Delcam CRISPIN software speeds the development of new designs

Students who have created the most impressive shoe designs using Delcam CRISPIN ShoeMaker Pro concept design software are to be presented with awards on 31st July at SENAI Bagueira Marcio Leal, in Franca, a major footwear manufacturing region near Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The judging panel will consist of Juliana Gléria Carneiro, Lígia Cristina Villa and Thiago de Melo Rosa, all experienced professional footwear designers who have received international recognition for their work.

As well as recognising the students’ achievements, the event is designed to encourage the local footwear industry to use CAD to develop its new styles.  The SENAI offers a series of lectures, workshops and training sessions enabling designers, teachers and technicians to create footwear using 3D digital design methods.

According to Mr. Fábio Sérgio Carrion, Director at the SENAI, "In order to face global competition, it is absolutely imperative for the Brazilian footwear companies to lead the way by producing differentiated designs.  The majority of footwear companies are still producing hand-drawn designs which then have to be entered as vectors in 2D software programs for the production of 2D images, with no links into 3D CAD.” 

"The main objective of this project is to support and challenge the local footwear industry by presenting tools and suggesting actions to streamline the creation of new designs.  These tools guarantee that new designs are developed on top of the shoe lasts - absolutely key for a good quality shoe – as well as allowing designers to produce photorealistic 3D images and prototypes via 3D printing.”

"Once the design has been approved by marketing, designers can then produce the correspondent engineering information for the various upper shoe components for the production of the tooling.  Solutions such as these enable micro and small footwear companies to compete with large companies by guaranteeing similar time to market for the launch of new footwear collections.”

During the event, Sara de Castro Mardegan, Technical Support Manager at Seacam, Delcam’s reseller in Brazil, will discuss how Delcam CRISPIN’s ShoeMaker Pro 3D CAD software provides a set of intuitive tools that enable the user to produce realistic 3D digital models with ease.  Ms. Mardegan will show how the software can reduce prototype time and cost, by enabling the user to model the upper and sole in the same digital environment, and produce realistic digital models to help shoe professionals approve designs faster.

At the SENAI, students have the opportunity to design shoes using Delcam CRISPIN software with awards being given for the best designs.  The winner will be offered an international placement by Seacam, which will include a period at Delcam plc headquarters located in the UK.

SENAI Mix Design takes place from 30th – 31st July 2013 at Auditorio do SENAI Bagueira Marcio Leal, Franca-SP.

25 July 2013

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