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Delcam’s Vineet Seth added to Editorial Advisory Board of EM magazine

Delcam’s Vineet Seth has been added to Editorial Advisory Board of EM magazine

Delcam’s Managing Director for the India and Middle East regions, Vineet Seth, has been invited to join the Editorial Advisory Board of EM (Efficient Manufacturing) magazine in India, a platform where he is joined by other industry leaders from companies like Yamazaki Mazak India, Fanuc India, Frost & Sullivan India and Siemens Motion Control Division, amongst others.

Efficient Manufacturing magazine – popularly abbreviated as "EM” – has a wide circulation in the Indian sub-continent and is well known in the manufacturing comunity for its articles on manufacturing technology.  With the growing focus on CADCAM, almost every issue of EM in the recent past has dealt with this topic in one way or the other.  EM often features knowledgeable articles on machine tools, cutting tools, die and mould manufacture, controls and drives, work-holding devices, material handling systems, bearings etc, thus providing the reader with a unified picture of the relevant manufacturing systems in the country.  In addition to technical articles, there are also commentaries by leading industry experts on micro and macro-economic changes that affect manufacturing directly or indirectly.

Vineet Seth’s exposure to different manufacturing domains, by virtue of his position at Delcam where he interacts with business entities in fourteen different countries, enables him to assimilate this knowledge and put it in words for the benefit of readers who think and act differently.

Commenting on the invitation to join the EM Advisory Board, Vineet Seth said, "Efficiency being a relative term, the broader our understanding of the manufacturing domain and its subtleties, the more efficient we can be.  Using cross-industry knowledge and applying it across relevant processes sometimes gives the best possible results with existing constraints. Delcam’s customised CADCAM solutions that span across aerospace, automotive, toolmaking, healthcare, footwear, woodworking, jewellery-making and white-goods verticals, in itself are a vast knowledge pool of unique manufacturing processes.  The role of CADCAM is not just limited to stand alone processes like part design or machining, but has expanded in the recent past to cover areas like effective management of the entire design-to-manufacture process.  I am very happy that I am able to contribute to the growth of manufacturing in India with my tuppence worth.”

Shekhar Jitkar, Publisher & Chief Editor of EM magazine, said, "We welcome Vineet Seth on the Editorial Advisory Board of EM.  I am sure his knowledge and global experience will help us make our contents comprehensive and attuned to the global technology trends.”

About EM –
EM is a leading trade magazine on Efficient Manufacturing and related areas, mainly covering machine tools & cutting tools, die & mould, automotive & aerospace manufacturing. It is published by publish-industry India Pvt Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of publish-industry Verlag GmbH, Germany. EM, with highly competent presentation and quality articles, provides a comprehensive coverage on current technological and market trends, interesting applications, new products and solutions, as well as success stories in the efficient manufacturing areas, along with interviews with manufacturing experts & industry leaders. EM offers a better and broader platform facilitating effective interaction among key decision makers from the entire manufacturing value chain.

17 July 2013

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