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Delcam reseller SEACAM enjoys successful Feira da FEIMAFE

The SEACAM stand at the Feira da FEIMAFE attracted many more enquiries than expected

Delcam’s Brazilian reseller, SEACAM, was in positive mood following the Feira da FEIMAFE exhibition held in Sao Paulo in the beginning of this month.  The company reported higher than expected interest across the entire range of Delcam’s CAM programs – PowerMILL for high-speed and five-axis machining, plus the programming of robot machining, FeatureCAM for feature-based programming, PartMaker for Swiss-type lathes and turn-mill equipment, ArtCAM for artistic applications and the Delcam For SolidWorks integrated CAM system.  The power of the products for machining complex parts was demonstrated not only on the SEACAM booth, but also on partner stands including Ergomat, Citizen, Megatech, DMG and Vitor Ciola.

"I must confess to a level of pessimism before the exhibition, especially in terms of visitors that would be genuinely interested and would have the potential to invest,” admitted Alexandre Magdalon, Sales Director at SEACAM.  "The results were quite different.   We received enquiries from over 1,000 visitors with more than 300 qualified opportunities for new sales.” 

"The enquiries came from a wide range of industries but all the visitors were genuinely interested in seeing new technologies, in discussing new projects, and in investing in software that could increase their productivity and improve their quality.  Brazilian manufacturers are facing challenging times and they are eager to use Delcam’s software solutions to become more competitive.  This is true not only in our traditional toolmaking and mouldmaking markets, but also in the healthcare sector with Delcam’s dental and orthotics solutions.”

One highlight of the stand was a series of videos from the Delcam.TV online television channel that were shown on screens around the stand.  "As visitors walked by, they would stop by to watch the videos and would then be encouraged to step onto the stand to ask for further details,” reported Mr. Magdalon.

Many of the customer testimonials featured in the videos emphasise the quality of the support provided by Delcam and its resellers.  "This is an important factor for most Brazilian customers,” commented Mr. Magdalon.  "It has been at the heart of SEACAM’s success for all of our many years of representing Delcam in Brazil.”

The change in mood was partly down to some recent measures introduced by the Brazilian government to protect our local marketing and stimulate the investments which Mr. Magdalon feels will boost manufacturing in the country and so increase the demand for SEACAM’s CADCAM software and services.  These include some reductions in the taxes applied to vehicles and white goods in an attempt to stimulate internal spending, plus investments in infrastructure, including oil and gas, power and public transport.

"With the success of the exhibition and the growing confidence among Brazilian manufacturers, we are now expecting a far stronger second half of 2013,” concluded Mr. Magdalon.

12 June 2013

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