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Delcam Mexico to show CADCAM for packaging at Expo Pack

Complex packaging designs can be developed more quickly and more easily with Delcam’s CADCAM software

Delcam Mexico will demonstrate Delcam’s range of CADCAM systems for the packaging industry at the Expo Pack Mexico exhibition to be held in Mexico City from 18th to 20th June.  Leading companies in the packaging industry use the software to produce more complex designs more quickly and to a higher quality.

Packaging designers and manufacturers face growing demands from their customers for innovative designs.  Delcam’s software helps to meet these demands by automating routine operations and so leaving more time for creative work.  In addition, full integration between the product design, tooling design and manufacturing modules of the software ensures that the initial concept can be converted into a finished pack as quickly as possible.

Delcam’s combination of PowerSHAPE and ArtCAM design software allows logos, textures and other decorations to be incorporated into standard pack designs more readily to help reinforce branding of products.  Modification of complex designs is much easier and quicker, making it possible to create a greater selection of alternatives when presenting proposals for new designs.

PowerSHAPE CAD enables parts of the design process to be automated, including fill line calculation and volume adjustment when producing a range of sizes.  This means that the designer can concentrate on the form of the product and leave the system to undertake routine calculations of the physical properties, such as the volume or mass of the packaging and its contents. 

Furthermore, standard parts and sections, such as closures, necks or thread forms, may be stored in the system and added into new models as required.  Automation of these routine operations increases accuracy, for example, by ensuring a perfect fit between a bottle and its cap, and reduces the possibility of mistakes. 

Once the design has been approved, PowerSHAPE enables tooling designs for the full range of processes – blow moulds for plastic or glass, injection moulds for closures, and punches for cans – to be generated rapidly from the product designs.  Again, a high degree of automation is built into the software, for example when calculating the optimum mould split lines.  Allowances can be made for effects of material shrinkage during processing so ensuring that the finished container volume remains accurate. 

To complete the move into full-scale manufacturing, Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system can be used to generate reliable, repeatable manufacturing data for NC machining of tooling.  At all stages of the development process, the PowerINSPECT inspection module allows prototypes, tooling and samples to be checked against the computer model to ensure that the designer’s intent is captured faithfully in the end product.

04 June 2013

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