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Delcam’s PowerINSPECT on multiple devices at Control

Delcam’s PowerINSPECT can be used for dual-device inspection and on dual-column CNC CMMs

Delcam’s PowerINSPECT inspection software will be demonstrated on a range of devices, including portable arms, a laser tracker and a machine tool, on stand 3514 in Hall 3 at the Control exhibition to be held from 14th to17th May in Stuttgart.  All the demonstrations will use the new 2013 release of the software that includes unique dual-device functionality, plus enhancements to the software’s speed and ease-of-use.

As the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance, Control brings together international market-leaders and innovative suppliers of quality-assurance technologies, products and software from all over the world.  On the Delcam stand, metrology personnel will see demonstrations of the world’s leading hardware-independent inspection software on a variety of devices.

The centre-piece of the stand will be a large casting being inspected using PowerINSPECT’s unique dual-device functionality.  PowerINSPECT is believed to be the only inspection software that supports simultaneous operation of different types of device from different manufacturers.  At Control, the pair of devices will be a FARO portable coordinate-measuring machine and a Leica laser tracker.

The ability to provide simultaneous measurement from two devices is an extension of the functionality for dual-column CMMs included in the 2012 R2 release of PowerINSPECT.  The main benefit is the same – the ability to reduce inspection times both by measuring a complete object in a single set-up and by taking data simultaneously from two sources.

Other demonstrations will include PowerINSPECT on a Hexagon portable measuring arm fitted with a laser scanner and PowerINSPECT On-Machine Verification on an OPS-Ingersoll machine tool.  These will highlight other developments in PowerINSPECT 2013 including the enhanced raster boundaries that allow users to edit the measurement volume graphically.

PowerINSPECT can also be seen on the Stiefelmayer stand, 3120 in Hall 3, where it will be working on a dual-column CNC CMM.  The combination of a dual-column CMM and PowerINSPECT enables inspection times to be reduced by allowing the simultaneous measurement of different features on larger parts.  In the 2013 version, it has been made easier to switch between single-column and dual-column operation, so making it practical to inspect two small items independently with the two columns, as well as to inspect separate areas of a single large object.

PowerINSPECT will also feature on the Metronor stand, 5133 in Hall 5, where it will be shown on the company’s portable inspection devices, and on the Creaform stand, 5108 in Hall 5, with demonstrations on the HandyScan 3D portable scanner.

07 May 2013

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