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Delcam to show robot machining at Natural Stone Show

Simulation of the programs in PowerMILL ensures that the results of robot machining will be exactly as required

Delcam will demonstrate the latest advances in the use of robots for machining at the Natural Stone Show to be held at the ExCel, London, from 30th April to 2nd May.  Recent developments in Delcam’s PowerMILL software mean that it is easier than ever to program robots for the manufacture of stone sculptures and other decorative items.

Robots programmed with PowerMILL give all the benefits of speed and repeatability that can be gained from CNC machine tools.  They have the potential to provide a lower-cost alternative to machine tools for the manufacture of larger components, when the cost of a big enough machine would be prohibitive.

One barrier to the use of robots for machining was the cost and complexity of the software needed to program the toolpaths.  Now, the new robot-machining interface in PowerMILL has made it far easier to program robots for a much wider range of applications.  The ability to program the robot offline from 3D CAD data is both faster and more efficient than the "teach and learn” approach that is often used to create instructions for the equipment.

The programs can be simulated on the computer to ensure that the results will be exactly as required.

This new programming method makes it easier for manufacturers to take advantage of the many potential benefits of using robots.  Firstly, the cost of installing a robot is far less than the price of a large machine tool with a similar working envelope.  In addition, the flexibility of the robot means that complex sculptures can be completed out in a single operation, so reducing production times. 

11 April 2013

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