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Korean student wins first Delcam international CAM competition

Delcam Commercial Director, Bart Simpson, presents certificates to the finalists in Delcam’s first international student CAM competition

Jang-U Shim, from Chonbuk Mechanical & Technical High School in Korea, was the winner of Delcam’s first international student CAM competition, which was held at the company’s Birmingham headquarters earlier this year.  The competition was sponsored by cutting-tool supplier, Seco, which supplied the tooling for the student’s machining projects. 

In addition to Korea, the finalists came from China, Taiwan Russia and the Ukraine.  Each of the contestants had previously won the CAM competition in their region to qualify for the final in Birmingham.

For the final competition, each student was given an IGES file of a mould cavity from which they had to produce a machining program using Delcam’s PowerMILL software for high-speed and five-axis machining.  The various NC programs were then run on one of the high-speed machining centres within Delcam’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility using a specified range of tooling supplied by Seco.  Each of the students was able to produce toolpaths that could be machined successfully, with the results being assessed against criteria including quality of toolpaths, machining time and surface finish.

After announcing the winner and presenting certificates to all the contestants, Delcam’s Commercial Director, Bart Simpson, said "Delcam works with universities around the world, helping to train the next generation of engineers for our growing customer base.  We were very pleased by the standard reached by all the students, although that was perhaps to be expected after the finalists had already won competitions in their respective countries.”

"We were very appreciative of the support given by Seco for our first international competition,” added Mr. Simpson.  "We hope to work with the company on a second event next year, where we plan to attract finalists from an increased number of countries.”

15 March 2013

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