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Delcam to preview new design module for millable pressovers at IDS

Delcam will preview new options for the design and manufacture of pressovers at IDS

Delcam will preview new options for the design and manufacture of pressovers in its range of CADCAM software for the dental industry on booth K040 – L041 in Hall 3.1 at the IDS exhibition to be held in Cologne, Germany, from 12th to 16th March.  Delcam’s DentCAD design software and DentMILL CAM system already have the ability to produce pressovers for crowns; the new functionality supports the design and machining of pressovers for anatomical bridges.

Millable pressover techniques are used as the results are more durable than conventional bridges and because they allow the complete anatomical form to be created in fewer operations than manual manufacturing techniques.  DentCAD is the first CAD system to offer a complete design method for these multi-unit restorations.

The pressovers are manufactured from glass ceramic materials, whose extreme hardness has previously made them difficult to machine.  New strategies in DentMILL have been developed specifically to allow efficient, accurate machining of the materials.

The module for pressover design uses DentCAD’s high-definition modelling methods to give realistic representation of fine details such as cusps and fissures on the teeth, and so allows an extremely accurate anatomical match to the surrounding teeth to be modelled.  The module first creates the base framework on which the pressover will be fitted and then generates the pressover itself to the full level of detail.

As with all the other options within DentCAD, the new functionality has been developed in association with Delcam’s panel of experts from the dental industry to ensure that it is extremely easy to use.  This makes it suitable for those that have no previous experience of computer-aided design and manufacture, as well as for dental technicians that are already using CADCAM techniques. 

Once the design has been completed within DentCAD, it can be transferred to DentMILL for manufacture.  A series of new templates have been developed to allow pressovers to be machined efficiently in glass ceramic.  These templates have been developed specifically to give optimum tool life despite the extremely hard nature of the material.

These new options will expand further Delcam’s comprehensive range of software for the dental industry.  Delcam is the only company able to offer a complete, open implantology solution, from accurately capturing the implant position and orientation, through to the high-precision, multi-axis milling of customised abutments, implant bridges and dental bars, with a management system to track every stage of the process.

08 March 2013

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