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Delcam to host robot machining seminar to demonstrate COMET project success

The COMET project partners will hold a series of seminars on robot machining

COMET project partners will be hosting free seminars on machining with robots throughout Europe to communicate their results and findings, and also to demonstrate Delcam’s newly developed PowerMILL Robot Interface software. As project coordinator, Delcam will host the UK event, which will be held at CNC Robotics in Liverpool on 25th April.

For the last 30 months, the EU funded COMET project, which has been deemed a huge success story by the European Commission, has aimed to overcome the drawbacks of industrial robots by developing innovative robot machining systems that are flexible, reliable and predictable with significant cost savings in comparison to machine tools.

The COMET Plug-and-Produce platform consists of a combination of new technologies that increase robot accuracy and enhance the span of the industrial application of robots:
1. Newly developed path programming and simulation software
2. Modelling of the kinematic and dynamic behaviour of the robot
3. Optical tracking system to feedback positioning corrections to the controller
4. An active compensation mechanism that further improves the accuracy beyond the structural capability of the robot system.

A key part of the innovative Plug-and-Produce platform is the development of an integrated Programming and Simulation environment for adaptive robot path generation for machining with Industrial Robots (PSIR). As a result of working with numerous robotics experts in the COMET project, Delcam has been able to implement the latest robot machining technologies into the PowerMILL Robot Interface (PRI) to make it easier than ever to program industrial robots. During the seminar, the new PowerMILL Robot Interface will be presented and demonstrated to the audience.

To disseminate the knowledge gained from the project results, promote the use of robots in machining applications and raise the awareness of the European industry, the COMET consortium is organising dedicated seminars on robot machining throughout Europe. During the seminars, participants will be guided through the decision making process in order to fully understand how robot machining fits their own market application. There will also be a visit to a robot cell facility which, depending on the demo cell at the hosting partner, will provide the participants with the chance to see first-hand the results of the technologies achieved through the project. Experts and robot integrators will be available to answer all questions and to give live practical demonstrations.

The dates and locations of the seminars are shown in the table below. Seat numbers are limited and free of charge, so book your place now!




28th March


Schimatari, Greece

25th April

Delcam / CNC Robotics

Liverpool, UK

14th May


Stuttgart, Germany

4th June


Modena, Italy

27th-28th June

RSS Conference 2013

Berlin, Germany

For more information about the COMET project, details about the individual seminars and to register for an event, visit

18 February 2013

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