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Hankook Delcam wins Award for Excellence in Sustainability Management

Chan-Oong Jeong, President of Hankook Delcam, with the Award for Excellence in Sustainability Management

Last month, Hankook Delcam, Delcam’s Joint Venture in South Korea, won the award for Excellence in Sustainability Management at the Corporate Sustainability Management Awards held by the South Korean Ministry of Knowledge and Economy and co-sponsored by the country’s Small and Medium Business Administrator.

The purpose of this award is to raise awareness of sustainability management by promoting best practice in corporate social responsibility, as well as encouraging companies to be involved more actively in sustainability management.

Hankook Delcam has been given the award in general recognition of company’s contribution to social responsibility for last twenty-two years, emphasised by its management mission to "lead national prosperity by providing the best technology to Korea’s manufacturing industry”. Under the leadership of its President, Chan-Oong Jeong, Hankook Delcam has undertaken various activities to create social value, especially improving productivity by technical presentations at its annual user group conference, providing free training, and promoting the latest technologies in manufacturing industry.

Hankook Delcam also has been a major contributor to the development of engineering education. In total, it has donated US$ 7.5 million worth of software to domestic colleges and universities, and has also encouraged technicians for the future by hosting the company’s Global CAM Skills Competition.

In a related move to help overcome the shortage of engineers, Hankook Delcam is providing a school-work link service to more than 70 companies and academic partners. This scheme trains students with the hands-on skills that manufacturing companies demand and also connects the students to potential employers.

Accepting the Award, Mr. Jeong said, "I’m very excited that Hankook Delcam has been recognised in this way, especially as we are the first company from the CAD/CAM industry to receive the award since it was implemented in 2006. I will continue to pursue sustainable management philosophies contributing to the development of the country’s manufacturing technology and creating customer value.”

20 December 2012

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