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Delcam adds OrthoticSelector to software range for custom insoles

Delcam has added a new program, OrthoticSelector, to its range of software for the design and manufacture of custom orthotic insoles. OrthoticSelector provides a lower-cost solution for practitioners and laboratories by allowing them to identify, from a library of existing designs, the prefabricated orthotic or cast that best fits a patient’s requirements. It also enables faster development of new designs when the patient needs fully-customised insoles.

OrthoticSelector is Delcam’s first software that can also be used in the retail orthotic market, either for sports or medical applications, as well as by practitioners and laboratories. It provides a scientific method for the selection of the most appropriate orthotic design to match a patient’s foot anatomy and needs from a stock of existing devices.

This approach is often more cost-effective than developing a customised orthotic since standard designs for frequently-found problems can be mass-produced. In addition, using standard designs means that patients can have their orthotics off-the-shelf rather than having to wait for them to be made to order.

OrthoticSelector can also be used to select the most appropriate cast positive to match a patient’s pathology, again from a set of existing designs covering the most common pathologies. It is ideal for laboratories that have developed a physical database of casts covering the spectrum of foot conditions they need to treat most frequently. Vacuum-forming the orthotic from an existing cast again reduces costs and speeds up delivery to the patient.

In both cases, the process starts with a scan of the patient’s foot, from which key anatomical features are extracted. These features are then used to select automatically the appropriate orthotic or cast design from the database. The software always lists the "ideal” fit for the patient, plus a range of suitable alternatives on either side, giving the practitioner or laboratory complete clinical control over the selection process.

OrthoticSelector is unique in that it can even accelerate the development process in many cases when a new design of custom orthotic insole is required. It can be used to select an existing design from the database which best fits the pathology of the patient. This design can then be scaled to match the size of the individual’s foot and the key anatomical features, before being passed for manufacturing. If required, the design can be added to the database to expand the laboratory’s offering to future patients.

"The OrthoticSelector offers a way to provide relief for a patient more quickly and at a lower cost,” claimed Delcam’s Healthcare Business Development Manager, Chris Lawrie. "It will be of most benefit to those patients with relatively minor problems and those requiring additional support, for example, from sports orthotics. However, it will also mean that patients with more unusual or more extreme needs can have their custom orthotic insoles made more quickly.”

04 December 2012

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