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Delcam GmbH hosts successful user meetings

One of the PowerMILL sessions at the Delcam GmbH user meetings

Delcam GmbH hosted a series of user meetings in Niedernhausen (near Wiesbaden) between 15th and 17th October. One day was allocated to each of the two main CAM products, PowerMILL for high-speed and five-axis machining, and the FeatureCAM feature-based programming system, with a third day dedicated to the PowerINSPECT inspection software. In parallel with this main programme, there was an ArtCAM User Day and additional professional workshops, including one for the PowerSHAPE CAD system.

About 130 users in total attended the meetings, with many attending on several days. One of the most popular sessions covered the latest developments in PowerMILL. In the current version, 2012 R2, more than 50 improvements and enhancements have been incorporated, including much-improved display options for the machine simulation, step-cutting from the bottom up in area clearance, and polar milling using the C axis.

A preview was given of the 2013 version of PowerMILL. The most important new option here was undoubtedly the new Vortex roughing strategy. This latest patent-pending strategy from Delcam’s in-house development team allows cutting times to be reduced by up to 60 percent, with an extended service life of the tools.

The difference between Vortex and conventional roughing was demonstrated with two films: in the first, conventional roughing produced different sounds that indicated overload and vibration, in the second, the same contour was cut on the same machine by Vortex, with the job completed in half the time and with a constant pitch during roughing.

Delegates also saw the many new options and capabilities in the 2013 version of the FeatureCAM feature-based programming system. The topics discussed ranged from the fundamental issues of feature recognition, such as when and where feature-based technology can be used, through to the latest probing routines added to the software. The key benefit of FeatureCAM remains its ability to reduce programming times and, therefore, to reduce costs significantly.

PowerINSPECT has over the years gained more and more functionality so that it is today the world’s leading hardware-independent software for the inspection of surfaces and primitives against 3D CAD models. The potential of PowerINSPECT is still far from being exhausted, with the new version, 2012 Release 2, developing PowerINSPECT into a full reverse engineering tool.

Another example of the development of PowerINSPECT is ClayMILLING, a dedicated CAM system that provides the same look and feel of PowerINSPECT for the milling of clay and foam on coordinate measuring machines. With this solution, which was developed together with Stiefelmayer metrology, clay models have been produced at a major automotive manufacturer in Munich as part of the design phase.

28 November 2012

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