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SEACAM and Delcam attract record numbers at User Meetings

SEACAM and Delcam attracted record numbers of delegates to a series of User Group Meetings in Brazil last month. Meetings were held in the three regions with the highest concentration of users of PowerSHAPE and PowerMILL, with the support from the local educational partners, SOCIESC in Joinville, and SENAI in Sao Bernardo do Campo/SP and in Caxias do Sul/RS.

The latest series was the eighteenth held in Brazil. As in previous years, the events were essentially technical, being conducted by two of the most experienced engineers from SEACAM and Delcam. During each event the latest product versions were presented, as well as future planned developments and a session on tips and tricks based on the presenters’ many years of field experience.

Each event featured demonstrations of pre-release versions of PowerSHAPE 2013 and PowerMILL 2013, with the latest revolutionary machining technologies, Vortex and Machine DNA, being explained in a great level of detail. These new strategies will bring benefits to existing PowerMILL users, including savings of up to 60% on the actual machining times and, at the same time, significant increases in cutting tool life.

"It gives us great satisfaction to promote these events, as they result in immediate productivity increases for the users attending,” said Alexandre Magdalon, Director of Sales & Marketing at SEACAM. One of the aims of this event is to have our users taking full advantage of the most advanced functionality available in the software, with the direct benefit of protecting and justifying their investment in Delcam solutions.”

"We have been presenting these events every year for the past eighteen years, so they are now demanded not only by the users but also by the company owners. Every year we have had seen significant increase in the number of participants, in line with the ever growing customer numbers. The users learn, and actively participate by asking questions and providing Delcam with relevant suggestions for the product improvements. It is also interesting to note that, after years of holding these user meetings, a community of users that interact and exchange knowledge and experience on a daily basis has naturally evolved. They do indeed provide a win-win situation for everyone involved,” added Mr. Magdalon.

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16 October 2012

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