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More than 90% of customers would recommend Delcam

Delcam’s holds regular update days to keep customers up to date with the many developments in their software

In a recent survey of Delcam’s UK customers, more than 90% of respondents replied that they would definitely recommend, or that they were likely to recommend, other companies to buy CADCAM systems from Delcam. Less than 1% said that they were unlikely to buy from Delcam again, with none saying that they definitely would not.

The value-for-money ratings were similarly enthusiastic, with 85% saying that Delcam’s software was excellent or good value. Less than 1% rated the value as poor and none as unsatisfactory.

Among Delcam’s service departments, the highest praise went to Delcam’s Help Desk, which provides telephone support to users. More than half of respondents rated its service as excellent, with over 40% more giving a good rating.

Similar results were given for the company’s installation and training staff. Their services were also rated as excellent or good by more than 90% of customers, with no replies indicating that they were either poor or unsatisfactory.

"The results of the survey are extremely encouraging,” commented Delcam UK General Manager, Steve Creron. "We have the largest and most experienced support teams in the UK CAM industry, and this survey has confirmed how highly these services are rated by our customers.”

"Our sales of new software in the UK are at their highest levels for many years,” claimed Mr. Creron. "Many of those sales come from recommendations from our existing customers, with others coming from companies that have received poor support from their previous software supplier. The high satisfaction ratings for our support services, combined with our industry-leading levels of investment in CAM development, make me confident that we will continue to increase our market share.”

06 September 2012

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