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COMET project an FP7 Success Story

Jan Willem Gunnink (Delcam) speaking about the COMET project as a “success story” as part of the FoF programme

The COMET project, of which Delcam is the Coordinating Partner, was chosen from one of 50 projects as a success story within the "Factories of the Future” component of the Public-Private Partnership included in the Commission’s recovery package. The current project outcomes were presented by project coordinator Jan Willem Gunnink of Delcam during the FP7 Information Days on 9th-10th July 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.  More than 800 participants coming from the EU and beyond attended to see Commission representatives and industrial partners presenting the PPPs progress and success stories, and to also discuss future opportunities and challenges.

COMET is a 30 month project, starting 1st September 2010, that aims to overcome the challenges facing European manufacturing industries by developing innovative machining systems that are flexible, reliable and predictable with an average of 30% cost efficiency savings in comparison to machine tools.  Delcam is combining its experience and expertise in manufacturing with 13 other technical partners from 8 different countries.  The partners are working collaboratively, utilising their skills and knowledge to achieve the aims of the project, whilst also sharing their findings and innovations with the manufacturing world.

Factories of the Future (FoF) consists of a research programme of 1.2 billion Euros to support the manufacturing industry in the development of new and sustainable technologies.  It is financed jointly by industry and the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme.  The objective is to help EU manufacturing enterprises, in particular SMEs, to adapt to global competitive pressures by improving the technological base of EU manufacturing across a broad range of sectors.

The European Commission has deemed the COMET project to be a success for a number of reasons and invited Project Coordinator, Jan Willem Gunnink, to speak about the project’s achieved outcomes and expected impacts in line with the FoF PPP general objectives.   In his engaging presentation, Jan Willem detailed how the project has attained good results with a high level of industrial participation from SMEs, whilst ensuring to work collaboratively with the Commission.  Andrea Gentilli, Deputy Head of Unit of Industrial Technologies for the European Commission, said that he viewed the COMET project as "a success story for the partners as well as the Commission as it had addressed key issues of the FoF PPP”.  By having clear ideas and realistic ambitions from the start, and through hard work and good management, COMET is undoubtedly an excellent example of how EU funded projects can really contribute and make a difference under the European Economic Recovery Plan.

The Information Days were a huge success in not only recognising and celebrating industry accomplishments in terms of research and developments but they also acted as a forum for attendees to share knowledge and forge relationships, hopefully leading to future success.

During the PPP days the new topics for project proposals for 2013 were also presented.  The whole event was filmed and broadcasted during the event and is available at the following link –

For further details on the COMET project, please visit the website –



30 July 2012

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