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FoFdation project progress presented at CIRP Conference

2012 CIRP Conference Panel (from left to right) – Professor R. Teti, Professor M. Satochi, M. Mori, Professor Dr. G. Levy

A session on the FoFdation project (Foundation for the Factory of the Future) was included in the 8th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering held in Ischia, Gulf of Naples, Italy, from 16th to 20th July. The outcomes of the FoFdation project, which is funded by the European Commission within the FP7 framework, aim to share production data seamlessly, increase productivity by utilising machine dynamics, monitor key sustainability indicators, and share information in a ‘production-to-enterprise’ dashboard. The progress of the project in all of these areas was discussed and the results to date were shared with Conference delegates.

The Conference attracted over 150 delegates and guests from 26 countries and 5 continents, with three delegates from Delcam included among the 18 representatives of the organisations contributing to FoFdation. The main aim of the Conference was to provide an international forum for the exchange of knowledge, information, experience and results as well as reviewing the progress made. It also acted as a forum for discussions on the state-of-the-art and future trends in intelligent computation methods and tools applied to manufacturing processes and systems. FoFdation partners also attended a joint session with another ‘Factory of the Future’ project, IFaCOM (Intelligent Fault Correction and self-Optimising Manufacturing systems).

Professor Roberto Teti, an expert in technological innovation in manufacturing engineering and intelligent computing for manufacturing technology and systems, opened the conference and welcomed all the delegates. The greetings were followed by plenary session presentations from the rest of the Conference panel, firstly by Professor Marco Satochi, CIRP President, who detailed the background of the CIRP as "A Unique Academy in Production Engineering”. Dr. Masahiko Mori, Mori Seiki (Japan), then spoke passionately about "Remote Monitoring System for CNC Machine Tools”, and Professor Dr. Gideon Levy, Inspire AG, finished with an animated talk on Additive Manufacturing.

In the joint FoFdation-IFaCOM session, the FoFdation project scientific coordinator, Van Khai Nguyen of CADCAMation (Switzerland), presented a paper entitled "An Enabling Digital Foundation towards Smart Machining” which was very well received and generated interesting discussions, particularly regarding the sustainability element of the project. Conference Chairman Professor Roberto Teti attended the session and was very enthusiastic about the developments and results of the project so far.

Other papers were also presented in this joint session which included a thought-provoking talk on "Zero Defect Manufacturing; a Product and Plant Oriented Lifecycle Approach” by Odd Myklebust from Sintef, Norway, and a fascinating speech on "Image Data Processing via Neural Networks for Tool Wear Prediction” by Doriana D’Addona and Professor Roberto Teti from DIMP, Naples, where they had produced images with standard size and pixel density from elaborating tool image files obtained during cutting tests.

The CIRP Conference, especially the combined FoFdation-IFaCOM session, was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all participants involved, both speakers and attendees, and an unparalleled opportunity for experts from a wide range of backgrounds to share their findings and to discuss the future of manufacturing.

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26 July 2012

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