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Foreign Secretary William Hague visits Delcam at Farnborough Air Show

Foreign Secretary, William Hague, with Delcam Chief Executive, Clive Martell, at the Farnborough Air Show

Foreign Secretary William Hague visited the Delcam booth at the Farnborough Air Show last week as part of a guided tour of the busy show halls. Mr. Hague attended to demonstrate his support for the industry, in particular for companies like Delcam whose export success helps to make the UK’s aerospace industry the second-largest in the world.

The visit gave Delcam Chief Executive, Clive Martell, an opportunity to thank Mr Hague for the support given by UK Trade and Investment to the company in recent years. "We have achieved record sales in the last two years and reinforced our position as the world’s leading specialist supplier of machining software and services, mainly as a result of increasing our international business,” said Mr. Martell. "The support we have received from UKTI staff, both in the UK and in many overseas markets, has contributed greatly to our success. It is unfortunate than more small- and mid-sized businesses do not realise the help that is available to companies looking to increase their exports.”

The visit was one highlight of a busy week at the Show for Delcam. With demand for new aircraft at record levels, the company held many meetings with aerospace manufacturers wanting to use its software and services to increase their productivity, reduce their lead times, and improve their quality and consistency.

Delcam is already well-established in the industry, with its systems having been used, at some stage, on virtually every major aircraft programme in recent years. The company’s customers have undertaken projects in all the various areas that go towards producing a successful aircraft, from developing more fuel-efficient engines, to manufacturing airframe components more effectively, and even in designing more comfortable and more attractive interiors. They have worked on all scales of project, from the manufacture of components for UAVs and helicopters up to the production of engines and airframes for the largest passenger and transport aircraft.

Delcam also supports a large number of MRO operations. These companies use Delcam systems to enable the fast, efficient repair or replacement of damaged components. By minimising design and manufacturing times, while maintaining the highest levels of quality, repairs can be completed as quickly as possible, so minimising the time-on-ground of the aircraft.

20 July 2012

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