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Delcam and Spring Technologies offer a direct link from PowerMILL to NC-SIMUL

The new interface allows NC-SIMUL simulations to be run from within PowerMILL

Delcam and Spring Technologies have developed a direct interface between Delcam’s PowerMILL, the leading CAM software for high-speed and five-axis machining, and Spring Technologies’ NC-SIMUL software for machining simulation.

With the new interface, PowerMILL users will be able to simulate all of their toolpaths in NC-SIMUL. This will make it easier for them to check and validate their milling toolpaths before sending them to a machine tool, a particularly important benefit for the many companies that are manufacturing high-value items.

Through the direct link between the two products, NC-SIMUL has made all the advantages of its technology available to the Delcam users. Comprehensive tests can be made on the computer, using the software’s knowledge of milling applications. For example, the simulations prevent any risk of machine or part breakage. They also allow more efficient use of cutting tools. The cutting conditions can be optimized so improving the productivity of the machines. Moreover, set-up sheets can be standardised in a click so that every member of the team involved in a project can communicate more easily.

The ability of NC-SIMUL to give safe and optimised toolpaths attracted the Delcam team, which is always developing new applications to increase the abilities of the Delcam range of products. "We have really focused our work on developing a friendly and easy-to-use interface to facilitate the transfer of all kinds of data: parts, clamps, stocks, etc,” explained Fikret Kalay, Director of Delcam France Professional Services. "Thanks to this new interface, PowerMILL users will be able to choose the appropriate machine and post-processor, automatically generate tool data for NC-SIMUL, and launch the simulation project in a secure way from PowerMILL into NC-SIMUL. The combination of PowerMILL and NC-SIMUL will make it easier for users to gain greater productivity, while ensuring safe machining.”

01 June 2012

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