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Delcam’s latest CADCAM developments on show in Argentina

New options in PowerMILL will be demonstrated by MultiCAM at FIMAQH

Delcam’s reseller in Argentina, MultiCAM, will have its largest stand to date at the FIMAQH exhibition to be held in Buenos Aires from 29th May to 2nd June so that it can demonstrate the complete range of Delcam software. New releases of all the programs have been launched in recent months, with Spanish-language versions now available. Full details are available at

The 2012 R2 version of Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining includes new and enhanced strategies for both roughing and finishing, such as step cutting within area clearance and the ability to use polar milling when programming machines with a rotary table.

The 2012 R2 release of the feature-based CAM system, FeatureCAM, also includes important new strategies for roughing and turn-mill operations, alongside a range of more general enhancements to allow faster toolpath generation. The main addition is a series of new strategies for 2.5D roughing, including a continuous spiral option to minimise wear on the cutter and machine tool, high-speed roughing options, including trochoidal machining and Delcam’s patented Race Line Machining, and "tear-drop” moves to clear corners more smoothly.

Major highlights of the 2012 release of PartMaker include support for the latest breed of multi-axis bar-fed mills, turn-mill centres and Swiss-type lathes, improved visualisation, more powerful simulation of vertical and horizontal machining centres, and greater flexibility and control in process development.

The 2012 release of the PowerINSPECT inspection program will be demonstrated on Aberlink CMMs and Hexagon inspection arms. This includes new options to make inspection easier, such as a mirror command to save programming time for symmetrical components and the ability to measure edge points directly without measuring the surface first. Basic reverse engineering functionality has also been added for point-cloud data.

MultiCAM will also feature Delcam’s software for the healthcare industry, including the latest releases of the systems for the design and manufacture of dental restorations and those for the production of custom orthotic insoles.

23 May 2012

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