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Delcam makes first sale with robot integrator CNC Robotics

One of Honeyring’s first projects with the new robot machining system will be a four-metre-high version of this gorilla model

Delcam announced the appointment of CNC Robotics as its first robot integrator in the UK during the MACH exhibition, with the new partnership confirming its first sale, to Honeyring Ltd, during the show. Under the agreement, CNC Robotics will supply the PowerMILL Robot Interface with both new and reconditioned robots. The company will also use PowerMILL for its in-house, robot-based machining service.

A joint seminar on machining with robots will be held by the two companies at Delcam’s Birmingham headquarters on 4th July. For more details and to register, please go to

CNC Robotics was founded last year with the aim of bringing robot machining within the price range of many more companies. The company can supply a complete solution of robot, spindle, cutting tools and software, or can provide a machining service for customers that only have an occasional need for the large-scale manufacturing capabilities that robots can provide.

Both CNC Robotics and Delcam believe that robots offer a cost-effective alternative to machine tools for the production of large items in softer materials, including plastics and composites. While robots cannot duplicate the high precision possible with modern machine tools, they are more than capable of meeting the accuracy requirements of many modelmaking, trimming and sculpting applications.

The sale at MACH was made to Honeyring Ltd, a manufacturer of all types of products in expanded polystyrene. As well as the conventional applications in building and insulation, the company also uses the latest cutting technology to produce larger-than-life objects in polystyrene for artistic and architectural projects, and for logos and point-of-sale displays.

03 May 2012

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