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Future AM standardises on Delcam software for CAM and inspection

Craig Peterson of Future AM (right) with Alan Gardner from Delcam on the Delcam stand at MACH

The largest order placed on Delcam’s stand at MACH came from Future Advanced Manufacture Ltd, which has standardised on Delcam software for its CAM and inspection needs within its production facility. The company will replace its existing range of software with PowerMILL for five-axis machining, FeatureCAM for turning and turn-mill equipment, and PowerINSPECT for inspection.

Future AM, which is based across four factories in Staverton near Gloucester, specialises in project management, design and manufacture for clients in some of the world’s most demanding industries, including the aerospace, medical and oilfield-exploration sectors. Currently employing fifty five people, it has enjoyed steady growth over the past thirty years by offering exceptional service and quality.

The firm has developed a particular expertise in the aerospace industry, in particular for the production of aircraft models for wind-tunnel testing, gaining AS9100 certification towards the end of 2009 for its capabilities in producing ‘high-complexity components and assemblies for aerospace applications’.

"We are one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of aerodynamic models used in wind-tunnel tests,” claimed Craig Peterson, Managing Director of Future AM. "We have worked with Airbus and The Aircraft Research Association in Bedford for a number of years, producing large models with overall accuracies down in the range of 25 to 50 microns.”

"More recently, we have expanded into other areas of manufacturing, including electro-mechanical assemblies for military and civil telecommunications, and drug delivery systems for the medical sector. We have also grown our business in production of small to medium batch high-integrity components, as well as moulds for injection moulding and composite components, and in the manufacture of jigs and fixtures,” he added. "Despite their different backgrounds, all our clients demand excellence both in the accuracy of the design and build, and also in the efficiency of the operation.”

"Our long-term success has come from our investment in highly-skilled engineers, coupled with continuous improvement in our systems and technology,” he explained. "Our decision to move to Delcam software is just the latest example of that process of re-investment.”

Mr. Peterson believes that the move to Delcam software will help Future AM to keep ahead of its competitors, both in its aerodynamic testing work and in its more general engineering business. "If you don’t keep up with the latest technology, you always run the risk of being left behind,” he commented. "By changing to Delcam software, we should be able to be more productive and achieve higher quality and consistency, and so supply an even better service to our customers.”

01 May 2012

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