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Delcam software works for Omega Tool

By using PowerSHAPE, Omega can generate the core design quickly from the part model

According to Calvin Matte, Advance Design Engineer at Omega Tool Corp., the biggest benefit of owning Delcam’s CADCAM software is that the company does an excellent job of ensuring that the products it sells to its customers work consistently and reliably. "That in itself shows me that they are true innovators” Mr. Matte stated. "We build very large tooling, up to 110,000 pounds, so mistakes can cost our customers - and Omega - a lot of money.”

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Omega Tool, based in Windsor, Ontario, is a supplier of turnkey solutions for plastic products for the automotive and other industries. The automotive moulds that Omega Tool manufactures includes tooling for door panels, grills, bumpers, fascias, steering wheels, instrument panels, body panels, mirror assemblies, and other interior and exterior vehicle trim systems. Non-automotive projects cover plumbing accessories, industrial parts, pipe fittings, consumer white goods, materials handling components and other consumer accessories.

Omega has been using Delcam’s PowerSHAPE design software and the company’s PowerMILL CAM system, plus the Delcam Exchange data-translation software, for almost 20 years and has been Beta testing new releases for most of that time. Mr. Matte commented that seamless integration is another top selling point for him. "I need to know everything works well with each other,” he explained. "We can integrate the individual programs from Delcam and they go together seamlessly. That gives us power from these programs that you are not going to get with other CADCAM products on the market.”

Integration with the design software used by his customers is also important to Mr. Matte. "PowerSHAPE can make sense of imported data, no matter which CAD system created it,” he claimed. "Now I can go to a meeting with just my laptop and PowerSHAPE, and load a model from catia. I can go to General Motors and load a model created there. We also do some work for Whirlpool. I can go there and load another file format. I don’t have to spend all of my time making sure all of the proper software is on my laptop, worrying about will it come in, won’t it come in? With PowerSHAPE, it is just done seamlessly.”

"For example, say I want to add a product to my screen that has been modelled by General Motors. It may look like a simple part but there are probably over 13,000 surfaces in the model. That’s a lot of data. But I can just go there and say to my laptop, select it and then say ‘Open’. It goes directly into PowerSHAPE.”

Matte also says PowerSHAPE is very simple to use. "Using PowerSHAPE has not only simplified Omega Tool’s manufacturing process, but also has reduced lead times.” he explains. "Once I have the part design, I can quickly generate the core and cavity, and then all the other details of the mould. And I can share it. I can send it down to the shop floor; I can send it to PowerMILL. Everything will be seamless.”

27 April 2012

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