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Delcam to show seven-in-one demonstration at Matsuura Open House

This seven-sided part will be machined by Matsuura using programs from Delcam’s PowerMILL

Delcam has developed programs in its PowerMILL software for high-speed and five-axis machining to highlight the capabilities of the Matsuura MX-520 five-axis machining centre with a seven-sided part that effectively combines seven demonstrations into one.  The part will be machined live during a series of Open House events to be held by Matsuura at its UK headquarters in Coalville, Leicestershire, during April and May.

The seven sides of the part are produced with a combination of drilling, 2D and 3D three-axis machining, and positional and continuous five-axis operation.  The complete demonstration, therefore, provides a clear illustration of the flexibility of both the Matsuura machine and Delcam’s software.

"The MX-520 is targeted at companies making the switch from three-axis to five-axis operations,” explained Ian Michie at Matsuura.  "This is a transition with which we are very experienced, having undertaken it with great success at a number of UK metal-cutting businesses.  The demonstration prepared by Delcam for our Open House is ideal for this machine because it shows both the strengths in five-axis machining and the more fundamental drilling and milling capabilities.”

"The MX-520 is extremely rigid and compact, being built to the same exacting quality standards as our established MAM72 series at our main plant in Fukui, Japan,” continued Mr. Michie.  "Even so, it achieves a cost-to-performance ratio that belies its market-entry investment price.”

The programming was undertaken using the 2012 version of PowerMILL.  This latest release includes a number of new strategies, the most important being flowline machining, together with more general enhancements, such as control of the angular point distribution during five-axis machining, to make programming faster and machining more efficient with the best-possible surface finish.  Full details, including videos demonstrating the new functionality, can be seen on

For further details and an invitation to the Matsuura Open House, please call Matsuura on 01530 511400 or email

05 April 2012

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